Summer-time Tasks

Payton McClintock, Writer

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As the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close, the long awaited summer break begins.  While catching up on sleep and  sitting around with friends may be fun for the first few weeks, summer has the ability to get very boring, very fast.  In order to avoid this, here are some suggestions to make the entire summer break one worth remembering.

First, find a job.  This could vary from babysitting, waiting tables, or finding any paying work available.  Not only can this help to fund more exciting activities over the summer, but it also forces you to get out of bed and begin the day.  These jobs don’t have to be boring; according to their website, the Columbus Zoo hires seasonal employees every year as young as 16 to work at the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay.  On their “Seasonal Employment Opportunities” page, the jobs offered include working in gift shops, lifeguarding, and hosting birthday parties.  Along with a salary, the website states that the Columbus Zoo employees receive free admission into the Zoo, Zoombezi Bay, and tours of the Wilds, as well as many different types of discounts.  This includes discounted zoo merchandise, golf and carts at the Safari Golf Club, as well as discounted meals at surrounding restaurants outside of the zoo.

After finding a job and earning a steady income, the spending can come in.  Paying for pool or gym memberships, concert tickets, and amusement park entries will quickly fill up the break.  However, when buying items like that, be sure to save money for gas as well as last minute dinner dates or shopping trips.  By planning the summer out ahead of time, it is easier to stay entertained and funded.  It’s more exciting to count down the days to see your favorite band play live than to have nothing to look forward to.

Finally, the best way to use up every second of summer break is to simply enjoy it.  Agree to meet up with friends at a certain place and time with no plan scheduled and just wait to see where the day takes you.  Sometimes the unplanned, spur-of-the-moment days are the most memorable.  It is important to remember that not everything can be scheduled down to the minute, and that the entire point to summer break is to have a time to relax.

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