There is Magic to do

Claire Densmore, Writer

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The upcoming Winter Musical “Pippin” runs February 26th and 27th to encourage audience members to take part in the magic.

The students of the Theatre Repertory department will put on a circus-themed show about a man named Pippin who is on a journey to find out what his purpose is. Director Justin Nawman said: “It is essentially three stories layered on top of one another.  The themes you can pull from Pippin are endless.

Nawman, along with Student Director Tatjana Vujovic, Choreographer Darlene Szuhay-Zigmont, and Vocal Director Dameon Jones have led the cast in putting on and giving the show life. Orchestra Leader Ryan Alexis has worked with the members of the pit to supply the music.

The directors casted Senior Tatum Beck as the Leading Player, Senior Mikey Berardi as Pippin, Senior McKenna Miller as Berthe, Junior Max Wright as Charlemagne, Senior Cole Wright as Lewis, Junior Jade Braden as Fastrada, and Junior Juliette Kokernot as Catherine. A sixth grade student at Worthington Estates, Josh Hickman, makes his theatrical debut as character Theo.

Nawman said, “People should expect a phenomenal show, but they should come in with an open mind and no expectations for theme and story.  There is so much to pull from, so much to ponder. Pippin has so many layers in terms of story. Pippin is a parable for life which might sound trite, but it is true.  The show itself is a ‘thinker. People should leave with their thoughts provoked.”

Vujovic added, “People should expect something with a much deeper meaning. Magic and mystery are major themes of the show. Pippin is going to be a memorable show that will not only amaze but please the audience.”

An array of band students makes up the Pit Band. There are several different instruments being played: three leading keyboards, seven trumpets, and many wind and string instruments. Alumnus Joey Allison re-joins the band by accompanying with drums.  Nawman commented that the audience “should also leave humming tunes and reciting the choruses.”

Along with the show directors, Technical Director Jillian Warburton designed the set and built it with the help of the technical students. The directors hired an incognito lighting designer to create the angles and colors for the show.

“Pippin” will run at about two hours long, should all things run smoothly. Tickets are $15 and the box office opens at 7 p.m.. Tickets can be pre-ordered by emailing [email protected].

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