Preparing for the Future

Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities at TW

Claire Densmore, Writer

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Students who want to get a head start on their futures have many opportunities.  AP classes. elective courses, and career centers are all possibilities, but there are three lesser known ways for college and career-minded students to pursue post-secondary education while still in high school. 

Governor John Kasich passed The College Credit Plus program in 2014 by signing Chapter 3365 of the Ohio Revised Code.  This code establishes that high school students trying to get ahead in their education can enroll in college courses for little to no cost. The program allows students to take classes and earn college credits for free in three different ways: Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), Dual Enrollment, and Pathway.

For those students who would like to take part in more of a college environment, PSEO gives students the opportunity to travel to the campuses of the Ohio State University (OSU) or Columbus State Community College (CSCC) to attend classes.

Students who wish to remain on their high school campuses can opt for the Dual Enrollment option in which students take high school courses, such as AP Calculus or Honors Chemistry, to earn college credits transferable to any Ohio public college or university. At TW there are over 10 courses that students can take for college credit.

If students want to stay at their high school but experience classes taught by college professors, they should enroll in the Pathway program.  It allows students to select up to 30 hours of CSCC classes taught by CSCC professors at their high schools.  For example, this semester at TW a professor from CSCC teaches Psychology 1100  every Monday and Wednesday morning.

While Psychology 1100, Composition 1101, and Sociology 1101 were the first Pathway courses at TW, due to student interest, English Composition 2367, Art History, and Classical Mythology 1222, which is on-line, will be added as options for the 2016-2017 school year.

Students can earn a maximum of 30 credit hours by enrolling in the College Credit Plus program. Dual Enrollment classes are three credits each. OSU and CSCC determine the course hours associated with PSEO and Pathway courses.

Guidance Counselor and College Credit Plus coordinator David Quart commented that this year there are “about 30 full-time or part-time campus students at either OSU or CSCC, about 120 in the Pathway program and 140-150 taking dual enrollment classes.”

Students in grades seven through 12 can enroll in the College Credit Plus program. They must take a placement test, either the ACT or the Compass test, to determine if they are “college-ready.”

The Compass test is an online test with no time limit.  The computer program generates questions that are easier or harder based on whether students answer the questions correctly.

Quart said that these programs are an excellent opportunity for any student who wants to get ahead in their academics and who is willing to work hard.

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