Obama energizes the crowd at Capital University
Obama energizes the crowd at Capital University

Obama Visits Columbus One Week Before Election Day

November 7, 2016

On November 1st, President Obama visited Capital University in Bexley, Ohio to endorse Hillary Clinton one week prior to the general election. Clinton supporters from near and far gathered at the doors of the university’s field house as early as 2:00 for the rally, trying to get the best spots to see the Commander in Chief give one of his last public speeches before our new president is elected. Before the POTUS made his appearance, however, several Democratic political figures made brief speeches campaigning for their vote on November 8th. Amongst them were Zach Klein, running for Franklin County Prosecutor, Ted Strickland, running against Rob Portman for the United States Senate, and Mayor Ben Kessler of Bexley, Ohio. When finally coming on stage, President Obama was welcomed with cheers and patriotic music booming from all throughout the gymnasium.

Throughout the two hour speech, the POTUS advocated Columbus residents to go and vote early. Upon mentioning his former Secretary of State’s opponent, Donald Trump, the crowd erupted in boos from all over, to which the President urged “don’t boo, vote.” President Obama also pressed Clinton’s qualifications and accomplishments that make her suitable as our next president of the United States. “She believes that she can summon us and do what is best for the country.” And everyone knows you can’t endorse one candidate without satirizing another; “When [HRC] doesn’t get her way she doesn’t whine or complain or say that the election is rigged.” Obama jokes, referring to Trump’s claim that if Clinton wins, it will be due to a rigged voting system. Obama also pushed his and his endorsee’s advocacy for women’s rights and the necessity for women to be treated fairly during the election period, concerning the recent release of the Trump Tapes  in which the Republican candidate was recorded having a severely lewd conversation about women in 2005. Obama also lightheartedly quips that his wife, FLOTUS Michelle Obama, is not only “his equal but his superior,” and that all women deserve to be looked at in that light.

Ultimately, The POTUS makes it clear that the results of the election are in our hands and “[Being POTUS] means we have responsibilities to not make this election a reality show. It means that we try to lift up folks that actually know what they’re talking about and show that they care, which is what Hillary is.”


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