The North Columbus Pizza Scene

Many options for many tastes

Kenzie Mayer

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In our country’s time of division, there is only one thing that can bring us all together; pizza. So I took on the heavy burden of traveling around Columbus and finding the best homegrown pizzerias around town.

First stop was Adriatico’s. They serve New York style, thin crust pizza. They have been open for 38 years and are located on 11th avenue on OSU campus. I ordered a regular cheese pizza and cheesy garlic bread. The sauce was very good, it was sweet and their wasn’t too much on the pizza. The dough wasn’t very thin, but they did say that the dough was vegan-friendly. It was a very small restaurant, with only about 10 tables but they were packed the whole time that I was there. They get some extra points for their amazing, crispy, cheesy garlic bread. Overall I give the restaurant a 7/10 because the sauce and cheese were great but the dough was only okay.

JT’s Pizza is located on W Dublin Granville Road, just down the road from Thomas. The restaurant is owned by Joe Harnett, and has been open since 2007. JT’s often hosts live music and trivia nights on Wednesdays. To stay consistent I ordered a regular cheese pizza and cheesy garlic bread. Their pizza has a very thin crust and a lot of cheese. The ends of the crust were very hard, almost like crackers. They did not have that much sauce on the pizza but it was a very tasty, well seasoned sauce. The cheese was also really good because it was seasoned with Italian seasoning on top. I may be biased because I really like thin crust, but this is definitely at the top of my list for best Columbus pizza. The garlic bread was very soft and garlicky. Overall, I rate the restaurant a 8/10.

The Pizza House of Columbus has been open for 50 years. It was bought by Billy Colasante 20 years ago and turned it into a full service Italian restaurant. Colasante believes that sticking to one, successful location has key to his success. The restaurant is located on Lincoln Avenue in Worthington. Again I ordered their regular cheese pizza and cheesy garlic bread. I did a carry-out order instead of eating in, but their restaurant was much bigger than most of the other pizzerias I visited. I really liked their cheese however I think they used too much sauce and not enough cheese. The sauce wasn’t very good because it wasn’t sweet or seasoned well. Their garlic bread was not crispy like Adriatico’s, and it didn’t have as much garlic taste. The pizza was too doughy and I did not like it very much. Overall I give the restaurant a 4/10.

 Pizza Primo has two locations around Columbus; one in Worthington and another in Clintonville. The pizzeria was founded by Eric Rummel, he was a student of Bishop Watterson High School and then attended Ohio State. Pizza Primo is so close to Thomas Worthington that many TWHS students pick up a pizza between exams. Their regular crust is thin, and cracker like. I ordered a cheese pizza with their regular crust. The sauce was sweet and the cheese was very good, but also very greasy. The pizza was very similar to JT’s, but I think that JT’s was a little bit better. Overall I give the restaurant a 7/10.

Leone’s Pizza is owned by Ryan Larose. Larose is an acrobatic dough tosser. He has won many awards all over the globe for acrobatic dough tossing. He has also been featured on shows like; Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show, and Good Morning America. Larose has now brought his talents to central Ohio, opening his pizzeria, Leone’s. Their New York style pizza seems very authentic. The crust is very thin, but not very crispy. The sauce was sweet and delicious. The cheese was amazing, they used chunks of fresh mozzarella and scattered it around the pizza. It tasted very homemade. Overall I give the pizza a 10/10 because it felt very authentic.  

No matter your preference, the North Columbus pizza scene has many options to suit any taste. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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