Top 11 Miracle of Sound Songs
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Top 11 Miracle of Sound Songs
The multi talented Gavin Dunne The multi talented Gavin Dunne The multi talented Gavin Dunne The multi talented Gavin Dunne

Ryan Hursey

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Gavin Dunne, also called Miracle of Sound, is an Ireland based musician of multiple genres and multiple instruments who’s been making music under this title since 2011, he mainly uses YouTube as a platform to release his music to the masses. Dunne’s music is mostly comprised of original music based off of TV shows, video games, movies, original content that he made himself, or remade and upgraded versions of his older songs (which come more or less in later albums). What this list is gonna be is my own list of a collection of songs from all of his discography(Levels 1-8, Metal Up and Vistas)  which I find to be either impressive..or in my opinion absolutely glorious,  going from my favorite to all time favorite (because telling me to pick one Miracle of Sound song above another is like telling me to pick a favorite pet, I can’t choose, I LOVE THEM ALL)…… OK now that we’ve gotten that brief description out of the way, BEFORE WE START THIS LIST!!!!

(This is absolutely positively my own possibly biased opinion)

11.I Am Alive (Metal Up)

Y’know, Metal music nowadays has gotten a pretty bad rep to the modern eyes, with people believing that all that Metal IS is just some angsty singer screaming “LIFE IS PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNN, KILL YOUR FAMILYYYYYYYYYYYY, HAAAAILL SATAAAAAAANN” while making music pandered towards “rebellious” teens with mommy or daddy issues………tell me, reader, do you wanna hear what real Metal sounds like? A song that has melodies which show the true beauty of Metal? A song that has amazing and meaningful lyrics? A song that doesn’t tell ludicrous if not hilarious lamentations of how life sucks, and instead tells you to take life by the shoulders and beat it to a pulp? Well…………….BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!





enjoy 😀


10.Calamity (Level 3)

Inspired by the game Bastion, this track can only be described as melancholy yet motivational acoustic frontier trip hop, with the opening lyric “Take a deep breath, open your eyes, sweet slumber’s over, it’s time to rise” Calamity takes you into the destroyed world of Caelondia almost effortlessly, with acoustic guitars, some banjos, and a few string instruments it guides you through as if you yourself are the protagonist, and then the chorus comes in.. “There’s something in your past that you can’t erase build the road in front of you, you can’t fix a broken heart in a couple of days. so bring it back or start anew” which simply cements this as…..just god damn amazing…here, in case you don’t believe me………….have a listen

9.Some Things Never Change (Level 7)

Oy vey, who’d have thought that a song can make a nuclear apocalypse beautiful

Some Things Never Change is a song inspired by Fallout 4, and like Calamity (and by fan opinion ALL of Gavin’s songs) it’s able to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the aftermath of a nuclear war, blending a both hopeful and melancholic view of The Commonwealth Wasteland and with lyrics subtly referencing the tagline of the Fallout series “War Never Changes” and some lyrics from one of Gavin’s earlier songs “Beauty Bleak” alongside what I consider to be among one of his best lyrics “And ever and on we go, never to learn or grow, pillars of peace estranged, I guess some things never change” …………….it just has to be heard to be believed

Alright! Our first instrumental track on the list…..oh god, what can be said about this song?!?….this song has atmosphere out the wazoo, and a beautiful backing instrumental while giving fantastic imagery to boot………………screw it, LET THE SONG SPEAK FOR ITSELF

7.Forever Flame(Level 7)

Hoo boy this song…….based off of Dark Souls 3, Forever Flame is essentially from the point of view of the main character only known as The Ashen One…..and to put it blatantly….alongside the song sounding like the end of a warriors long, and absolutely agonizing and bleak journey,this song gives of 2 feelings simultaneously

1.Weariness: Due to the almost tedium of The Ashen One’s quest to either save or end the world, and having him/her constantly die over and over again in the process

And 2.Sheer Determination:

“Winding round.

Over and over again.

Fated to wander.

Strike me down.

Over and over again.

To come back stronger.”

6. Manhattan Midnight(Vistas)

Ahh, yet another Vistas track……….and like Downtime………I may as well just let the song do the talking

5.My Shooting Star (Level 6)

This song is based off of the (tragically cancelled) TV show Firefly and it’s sequel film Serenity, the song itself is told through the eyes of the series main character Captain Malcolm Reynolds (and his views towards his ship Serenity, his crew, and his maybe love interest Inara Serra)

In terms of the ATMOSPHERE of the song…. OH MAH LAWD!! Gavin captures Firefly’s atmosphere PERFECTLY here, blending folk and blues and giving it a definite space western vibe, when I first heard this song I legitimately thought that this was a lost song from the show!! have a listen to the gorram shiniest song this side of the solar system and enjoy yourself

ALSO!!!!! I’d totally recommend watching Firefly and Serenity (yes, in that order)

4.The Man Who Rocked the World (Level 7)

This can definitely be considered as one of Gavin’s most beautiful songs

Made as a tribute to one of Gavin’s main influences, David Bowie and…….the song itself is simply how numerous people (including Gavin himself referred to in the song as “Little Gangly Geeky), and all I can say is…damn..I still can’t believe Bowie’s gone……DAMMIT NOW I’M DEPRESSED!! here’s the song, now exscuse me while I go cry in a corner

3.Convalescence (Metal Up)

Remember back when I said that I am Alive shows the beauty of Metal music, well, THIS SONG LITERALLY REPRESENTS THE BEAUTY OF MUSIC ITSELF!! AND IT’S PLAYED ON A GORRAM EIGHT STRING GUITAR!!!!!

2.Ditto (Level 7)

………..this song………… word…….spooky………inspired by the worlds most terrifying game in mankind’s existence existence (at least in my opinion) SOMA, this is actually one of the only songs that Gavin said can be left to the listeners interpretation, with lyrics like “Thoughts swim in black holes, A multiverse of minds I ride, Divide and multiply by none” this (like literally every one of his other songs) captures the atmosphere of it’s inspiration To. A. T!! 

Before we get to number one, I may as well go through some incredibly honorable mentions

Hallowed Land (Level 8)

Assassin’s Creed? Ancient Egypt? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

Wake the White Wolf (Level 5)

Welcome to the beginning of the final adventure for Geralt of Rivia

The Path (Level 7)

Huh, ain’t that funny, we go right from the beginning, straight to the end of his final adventure

Upside Down (Level 8)

Stranger Things……….nuff said

No One (Level 8)

A tribute to Game of Thrones’s young wolf Arya Stark featuring vocals from the equally talented Karliene Reynolds

Amnesia (Level 5)

A song Gavin made for an old friend

Pawns of War (Level 7)

How fitting this song was inspired by a game about World War 1

Higher Tonight (Level 4)

When the world is coming down around me, i’m just gonna keep on dancing

Cries of a Dead World (Level 4)

It’s like Some Things Never Change….only this apocalypse has no hope of rebuilding civilization

When the Wolves Cry Out (Level 8)

A tribute to Jon Snow or better known as



THE KING IN THE NORTH!!!! (couldn’t resist, sorry)

Cataclysm (Level 5)


And now, the moment that all or none of you have been waiting for

1.Dream of the Sky (Level 3)

This Song is one of Gavin’s most impressive songs..why is that, you ask? Simple, the song itself is one of those songs that by some miracle, changes genres at varying songs, HOWEVER, while other songs that change genres mid song are mostly used as tools of showing incredible musical prowess…there’s actually a reason for this song doing that.

The game this song is inspired by, Bioshock Infinite, has quite a lot to do with alternate realities, and lemme tell you something….this song to me, is like moving through a panoramic painting, from the bright, colorful sky city full of racists (the game takes place in 1911) known as Columbia, to it’s more darker underbelly, to the dimension where a rebellion led by the Vox Populi is running rampant…and then it extends into “paintings” viewing the characters, from a dark waltz from the eccentric Lutece twins, to a solemn yet beautiful segment from the p.o.v. of Elizabeth Comstock here…listen for yourself, because who am I to talk about something like this


That was the list, I hope you enjoyed it, and please, feel free to check out more of Gavin’s stuff at any time, and buy Level 8 when it comes out (if you can)

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