It’s that Time of Year: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium Wildlights

Haleigh Blanchard

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The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium has an annual event throughout winter called “Wildlights”. During the event the entire zoo is decorated in lights for the holiday season. These lights are powered by American Electric Power Ohio (AEP Ohio).

The staff in the grounds section of the zoo is responsible for putting up all of the lights necessary for the event. They start to put them up around mid September and take them all down within the months of January and February. Wildlights start each year towards to end of November and ends sometime after Christmas in December. It takes a lot of time and effort from the staff to help set up over 3 million lights!

Families come from near and far to view the lights presented within the zoo. There are also other things families can enjoy on their visit during the wildlights season. These attractions include, meeting Santa, riding the train, riding the carousel and watching the light show around “Conservation Lake”.

The Zoo hours change throughout the year depending on different events and seasons. The zoo is open everyday year round except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The zoo is open at 10:00am during Wildlights, however the actual lights don’t start until 5:00pm each night. They last until 9:00pm Monday through Thursday and 10:00pm on the weekends.

Guests are able to purchase Wildlights tickets online, at the gate or from sponsored companies.

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