iPhone Vs. Samsung

The war between Iphone and Samsung taken to another level

iPhone Vs. Samsung 
(Samsung 7 & iPhone 7 )

iPhone Vs. Samsung (Samsung 7 & iPhone 7 )

Peyton Hughes, Journalist

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A new commercial is out that highlights the ongoing Samsung vs. Apple war. The commercial adds to the “Drama” of iPhone v. Samsung. Samsung is claiming that they are always ahead of iPhone with their new technology. “Samsung starts out by poking fun at iPhone’s running out of space over the years, thanks to Apple’s constant use of 16GB of storage.” During the commercial, there’s a flashback to 2013 and the Galaxy Note 3 with its 5.5-inch display is shown, meanwhile Apple is continuing to use a “small” 4-inch panel for the iPhone 5S. 2016 mocks the waterproof feature on the Galaxy series, while the iPhone sits in a bowl of rice. “2017 is the year of the iPhone dongle, with a ridiculous accessory (that Apple sells) used to charge and listen to music at the same time.” (The Verge

 The commercial shows him growing up with the iPhone company and how he gradually realizes that Samsung is better than Apple due to all these new features coming out on the new Samsung 10. For most of the commercial he stays loyal to Apple. Near the end of the video he finally gives in to the Samsung and walks past the iPhone line with no regrets and satisfaction. 

Samsung is trying to show that they are always one step ahead of Apple and they can offer more than Apple. This isn’t the first time the two companies have mocked each other. Years ago, Apple exposed the issues of Samsung in a  Windows Phone commercial and “mocked ” Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7. The many different companies just think its all fun and games to make fun of each other and see the drama they can start with all the users taking there side.

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