Record Breaking Temperatures

The US welcomes 2018 with record breaking temperatures.

The US welcomes 2018 with record breaking temperatures.

Caitlin Lyle

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For the past two weeks, the U.S. has experienced horrific temperatures. Record-setting temperatures and blizzards have put the nation into survival mode. NBC News said that Governor Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York declared a state of emergency for the state of New York due to the weather.

States in the south are also under a torturous winter. Florida was hit with snow and freezing rain. CBS News stated, “Cars spun out of control on icy overpasses from Texas to Georgia.” Florida officials closed 50 miles of Interstate 10. This cold weather has caused authorities in the south to call for state emergencies and have urged their citizens to stay off the roads.

In a report done by CBS News, the cold arctic air is held by a polar vortex. When this vortex weakens the polar air is released and flees to the south.

Frostbite is a common threat this time of year. It’s important to pay attention to the signals that your body sends you. If you start shivering that means that your body temperature is dropping. If you notice your body is tingling, then you should try to warm up your body as soon as possible.  According to NBC News, “It’s what happens before frostbite. It’s the tingling feeling that hurts — your body’s warning sign that you have to warm up that body part quickly. When that cold part goes numb, you’ve got frostbite, and that’s a medical emergency.”

The cold is not only affecting humans but animals as well. Sharks have been reported to be frozen and wash up onto the shore. Zookeepers at the Calgary Zoo in Canada were forced to bring their penguins indoors. Malu Celli, a zookeeper at the Calgary Zoo, spoke to the Canadian Press, “I believe that physiologically, they (the penguins) can withstand colder weather than what we have here, but these are not wild birds.”

NBC News said, “We’re in the midst of winter and temperatures across the country are plummeting. Forecasters say many people will be facing extremely frigid and dangerous conditions.”

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