Arming Teachers With Guns

Type of gun teachers could use if armed.

Type of gun teachers could use if armed.

Audrey Maxwell, Writer

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President Trump goes back to his idea of arming teachers with guns after the Florida school shooting. There are 17 people dead after the Parkland shooting in Florida. The crime was done by 19 year old, Nikolas Cruz. After this incident, there were debates on gun control.

“The only way to stop a mentally ill guy with a gun,” Trump says. “Is with a mentally good ill guy with a gun,” stated The Beaverton .

Many democrats believe that there should be more gun control laws to prevent events like this from happening as easy as it did.

“No police officer, no educator of any note is advocating that what we need is more weapons on school campuses rather than fewer,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago said. “It’s totally asinine and it doesn’t even warrant a response, but it’s so reckless that the head of the United States’ idea for solving this problem is to arm more people,” stated by the New York Times.

Mr. LaPierre criticized the democrats for asking for more gun control.

“Their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment,” Mr. LaPierre said. “And our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms,” via The Guardian.

Arming teachers is not a new idea either. After the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, the National Rifle Association campaigned for teachers to have guns. However, it was shut down.

According to New York Times, “The response was universal, even from educators who are gun owners,” Randi Weingarten said. “Teachers don’t want to be armed, we want to teach.”

President Donald Trump thinks that strengthening the school’s defenses is useless and should stop practicing drills about having an active shooter in the building.

“Active shooter drills is a very negative thing,” Trump said. “I don’t like it. I’d much rather have a hardened school,” via the New York Times.

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