The First (Senior) Thanksgiving

Leah Lindemeyer, Editor

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Thanksgiving came early this year for Worthington Seniors, the First Annual Senior Thanksgiving took place November 20th, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break! The event was a combined event between both Worthington high schools that was put on by Worthington Kilbourne (WKHS) and Thomas Worthington‘s (TWHS) student councils. This year the event was held in Thomas Worthington’s Auxiliary gym and the food was free! All that was requested was that seniors participating bring a canned food item to donate.

After the Thanksgiving feast, various activities were available for students to participate in. These activities included cookie decorating, a pumpkin pie eating contest, an apple bobbing contest, board games, and a Thanksgiving card making station. Aric Thomas, Principle of WKHS, and Pete Scully, Principal of TWHS, faced off against students in the pumpkin pie eating contest! The apple bobbing contest was a fierce competition between schools and everyone could be heard cheering as someone retrieved an apple with their mouth. The competitions between schools and activities created a greater sense of community among students.

The Gia Napoleon, a senior at Thomas and State Champion runner, said “I had fun watching everyone gathered around to watch apple bobbing and the pie eating contest. It was exciting  and great being together.”

At the gathering, seniors were encouraged to mingle and meet new people. Place cards were put on all of the tables telling seniors that “This event is for ALL Worthington Seniors, you are encouraged to mingle and meet new people!”  Although encouraged too many felt like they didn’t meet many if any, new people. One senior suggested in the future that they connect the tables to enforce more mingling among everyone.

When asked if this event should be continued in the future, Jordan Hamzee, a Thomas Worthington senior, said, “Yes because it’s a great way to start off break and put everyone in a good mood.”

The “breaking of bread” between both Worthington schools got everyone into the Thanksgiving spirit! In years to come, this is an event that will hopefully be continued by future classes. As Sarah, a senior at Kilbourne, commented, “it’s a good way for our schools to come together.”

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