Thomas Worthington Students and Staff Purchase Gifts for Children in Need

December 15, 2018

As the holiday season quickly approaches, Thomas Worthington Community Service Club is busier than ever. Last year, the club organized a gift drive for students at Tiffin Elementary in Chillicothe, where the opioid crisis is impacting many families. This small town has been destroyed by job loss and drug addiction. In 2015, “40 people died from drug overdose, almost all caused by opioids” (Washington Post). Just like last year, Community Service Club is organizing a gift drive for many students in Chillicothe who struggle with life at home.

At the beginning of the school year, the Chillicothe school district condensed 3 schools into 2 buildings. Mrs. Galasso, the head of Community Service Club, said that Chillicothe now has “one primary school that’s “[kindergarten] through [second grade], and then they have a [third] through [sixth], and then the kids go on to middle school from there.” Mrs. Galasso also said that we had purchased gifts for 300 kids last year, and this year we had 600, meaning that the number of gifts that needed to be purchased was double the amount of last year.

Students, staff, and members of the community have come together to make the holiday season a little brighter for some young children. Every student at the Chillicothe K-2 school will be receiving a small gift from their “secret friend.” Many students at Thomas Worthington look forward to the gift drive each year. Gina Hillyer, a junior at TWHS laminates the letters the children write to her, saying “My mom and I try to do this every year, it makes Christmas so much more special knowing we could help another family.”  

Poverty affects more than 11.5 million children nationwide, and Christmas time can put a heavy burden on families (Charity Navigator). However, in the last two years, Thomas Worthington has given 900 children a holiday to remember.

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