2015-2016 Staff

Gia Napoleon

Freshman Gia Napoleon is brainy, nerdy, and bright and can never put down a book. She spends her time running long miles that make her heart ache and legs burn alongside the rest of the varsity cross country and track runners...

Sydnee Fowlkes

Sydnee Fowlkes is a freshman. She is on the freshman volleyball team and plays club in her free time. Sydnee enjoys free writing and reading adventure books. She dreams and hopes that one day she can make a difference in someon...

Caitlin Cronin

Caitlin Cronin is a 15-year old freshman. She plays tenor saxophone in jazz band and in curricular band she plays alto saxophone. She really enjoys music, movies, books, and musicals. One of her favorite movies is "Ferris Buel...

Cynthia Daniels

Cynthia Daniels is a 14-year-old freshman. This is her second year in a Worthington school. She is not involved with any school clubs but she has been doing roller derby for almost two years on the Buckeye Beautyz, and her de...

Anna Gerber

Sophomore Anna Gerber is a relentless reader of romance and Anna spends countless hours flipping through pages and trying to learn more about current world and political events. She dreams and hopes that she will one day...

Chloe Hutchinson

Chloe Hutchinson is  junior at Thomas Worthington, and she hopes to become a forensic anthropologist. Chloe does not consider herself a self-starter because she is more laid back and goes with the flow of what is going on ar...

Hannah Davis

I'm a sophomore at TWHS and I like reading, writing, music, reality TV and fashion. Netflix and Chipotle are life. I play the euphonium in band and I am involved in Community Service Club. I like all genres of writing and I enjoy...

Jada Sleet

I'm a junior a Thomas Worthington.  I play basketball and run track.

Antwan Howell

I'm a Cincinnati native, but now a sophomore at Thomas Worthington. I am a member of the basketball and track teams.

Kenzie Mayer

I am a junior at Thomas Worthington. I am currently a mentor for the STEM freshmen team. I love going to concerts with my friends and listening to live music. I am excited to be writing for this website!

Haddie Lawler

I'm a sophomore and I love to write.  The articles on the Phoenix are good, so I suggest you go read some.

Payton McClintock

I am a junior at Thomas Worthington and enjoy being involved in the community through local volunteer work and TW's mentoring program.  I'm taking journalism for a second time to better my skills and because I love writing about...

Vincent Eguakun

I'm a senior at Thomas Worthington High School. I play football for the school and I like to write.

Olivia Burrier

I'm not only a Thomas Cardinal, but I'm also a proud Linworth Newt.  I play on the girls Varsity Tennis team.  Photography is a specialty of mine, and I love it.  I also play the piano, ukulele, guitar, and many more instruments....

Ethan Armitage

  Ethan Armitage is a sophomore at TWHS, he enjoys playing baseball and ping pong in his spare time. He is a writer for TWHS News and hopes to continue his journalism career well into the future.