Sebastian Edvardsen
As a young boy growing up in New Jersey, Sebastian was always ready for his next move. Being a first generation American, whose parents immigrated from Norway in the 80’s, Sebastian became used to countless cultures and scenery. Eventually, he adapted to the lifestyle of not remaining in the same place long enough to even call it home.


While unquestionably moving from coast to coast and finally settling here in Ohio, Sebastian could now say that Worthington is home. He has lived in Worthington for seven years and counting, with his two sisters, mother and father. Sebastian's ancestors have beliefs of atheism, growing up surrounded by the these beliefs, Sebastian has taken them on himself. Atheism is often misconceived as a person who lacks the belief in any god but acquires beliefs in the devil. This made up theory is misguided and simply wrong. Sebastian believes there is no god, but obtains the beliefs in sciences, factual evidence and statistics.  


Hockey and soccer are two main things Sebastian not only enjoys doing but is also well at. He is proud to say that he won the Columbus Cup Hockey Tournament. When hockey is not occupying Sebastian's time, Youtube and his Playstation are. Reading is something he is interested in, but is not a go-to in his free time. If a really good book catches his attention, he is determined to read it. While on the topic of literacy, this brings our attention to Sebastian's approach on high school. With it being Sebastian's first year in high school, as a freshman; he feels it is definitely not what others said it would be. Since high school can become really stressful, from the homework, to the tests, and even extra curricular activities you may be involved in; Sebastian’s way of handling stressful situations is to think to himself with positive thoughts. Friends from school may often become a huge part of your life, Sebastian seeks qualities of someone who is, reliable, loyal and often thinks of their surroundings. Friends with these characteristics keep Sebastian motivated, but no one surpasses his mom as his number one motivator. School leaves you surrounded by people of all cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs, but Sebastian is very open minded and accepting of numerous. Considering the many different places Sebastian has lived, he cannot help but accept all forms of diversity.


After all, Sebastian would not be the person he is now if all the previous events of his life did not happen. Even from the start, when his parents began to shape and mold not only him but his mind and a vast majority of the way he looks at life. Our thoughts and beliefs generally start from how we are raised and Sebastian's upbringing reflects who he has become.  


Sebastian Edvardsen , Writer