With graduation around the corner, grad party invites abound.
With graduation around the corner, grad party invites abound.

What’s Next for Seniors?

What are graduating and future seniors looking forward to this year?

May 3, 2023

Seniors, the time has come: we are saying goodbye to high school. With the year ending and with graduation right around the corner, many are going to college and others are jumping right into the workforce. The hard work that was put in mainly during the first semester will finally pay off

“Truly, my favorite part is when seniors will come back in and say they got into the college that they wanted to get into–I love that,” Counselor David Quart said. “I love when seniors come back in and share that excitement with me. But I also love just the part of like, the whole application process, just trying to help you guys move on to that next chapter in life. It is pretty fun.” 

Even with the excitement for future academic experiences and future careers, seniors also can’t seem to wait for summer adventures. 

“I’m planning to enjoy my summer as much as I can before getting to the new chapter of my life.” senior Niana Hoang said. “I’ll hang out with my friends at Cedar Point and I might go on a road trip to North Carolina to visit my mom.”

With many plans and events for seniors to enjoy their last couple of days together, the senior student council has put together an event for right after graduation practice to enjoy food, games, and music.

“Seniors should look forward to senior send-off,” student body president Ben Stone said. “That’s going to be a ton of fun organized by the senior class student council, which will be a great way to bond and enjoy these last few weeks of high school together.” 

Not only do the counselors have important responsibilities of helping seniors get into college, but senior class advisor Mike Brienza helps the senior student council plan events.

“Kind of two different areas so one is more logistical like graduation things, and then the other one is helping kind of guide the senior class in terms of senior gift planning, winter formal, and planning senior send-off. Graduation: I set up a lot of things, I’m the one that releases the lines. A lot like Mr. Scully’s right-hand man.” Brienza said.

With seniors finishing up, the class of 2024 will become the next group of seniors to go through the cycle of senior year. Starting college applications and deciding what many will do once they graduate is part of senior year. Quart and the rest of the counselors have a timeline that students can use to remember important college application dates.

“College applications open August 1st. November 1st is one of the first big deadlines but I just encourage seniors to have all of their college applications by Halloween. Usually by February 1 or March 1, you’re getting those acceptance letters back. FAFSA opens October 1.” Quart said.

After graduation and a summer of fun, seniors will be heading off to college. Many students will look back at the memories that they had during their four years of high school.

“Beating Kilbourne in football this year was the best, ” senior Football Captian Connor Smith said.

Juniors that will be heading to their final year of high school not only get advice from teachers and counselors but also get advice from seniors as well.

  • “It goes fast, like way faster than you think it would.” senior Andrew Schwitzgebel said. “So make sure you cherish everything while you have it. And don’t take anything for granted.” 
  • “Make sure that you stay on being responsible because you’re gonna have a lot of things that you’re dealing with and a lot of things going on, and if you are responsible with keeping track of things, you’re gonna miss out on really good opportunities,” Brienza said. “And it’s kind of like the last step before you enter the real world and it gets hard, and so it’s important to be responsible.”
  • “Finish strong,” senior Emmett Foley said. “Don’t just let the senioritis take over because your senior year still matters.”
  • “I would say that they should consider taking financial algebra because there’s a lot of really important things that we do in the real world, regardless of your path.” Mrs. Barr said. “So if you choose to go to the working world you choose to go to some type of college whether that’s two years or four years more than that, whether you go to the military, everything that we do in this class in financial algebra applies to everybody. At some point, they just depend on your path depending on when you get to that same point.”
  • “Enjoy your senior year.” senior Niana Hoang said. “Don’t hesitate to do anything you want, just being crazy with your senior year, it’s going to be worth it.”
  • “I would say as long as you have done everything you were required to do through your school career.” senior Sparky Tarantelli said. “Take the classes you’re supposed to, keeping good grades, then senior year will be kind of like your reward for that. The ultimate reward is graduating but as long as you do everything you’re you need to do and take care of yourself and whatnot.”
  • “Be prepared.” Quart said. “It goes fast, but be prepared when you get back for your senior year. Enjoy your senior year.”
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