Seniors snowboarding trip (Claudia Scott)
Seniors snowboarding trip

Claudia Scott

Students Look Back on their Successes from the 2021-2022 School Year

February 2, 2022

With the second semester upon us and the end of the year in sight, students of all grades are reflecting on the lessons they have learned throughout this year. High school is an important time period in every teenager’s life. Not only are they maturing and changing, but so are the people around them. Like any high school, Thomas Worthington has a lot of teachers and students that are teaching the people around them lessons that they will use throughout their whole lives.

Learning lessons about relationships is something very important, especially when you’re young. Whether it’s a friendship or romantic partner, things can always take an unexpected turn.

“High school relationships are a learning lesson to know what you’re looking for as you get older,” says senior Hanna Davis. Dating at a young age can help kids figure out what to look for in their future relationships.  friendships, Senior Claudia Scott speaks, “I definitely lost a lot of friends throughout my high school years.” Going through tough times with friends teaches us how to persevere through tough times in life.

Freshmen, Valentina Posadas and Kylee Parsons, speak about a teacher that has helped change their lives within less than a year. When asked if any teachers have made their freshman year easier, Posadas says, “Ms. Hiland. I would be lost without her, she has helped me so much.” Thomas Worthington is very lucky to have such special teachers that have helped students like Ms. Hiland. Another example is Math teacher, Jabaar Thompson. He tells how grateful he is to have had teachers that impacted his life while he was in high school. What goes around comes around.

Since graduation is just around the corner, we hope that all seniors feel like they have learned something from a teacher during their time at TWHS. That they hold onto the lessons they learned for the rest of their lives, and talk with others about their experiences. Friends and lovers will come and go, but the cardinal family lasts forever!

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