ChatGPT: Can a Bot Really Write a Paper for You?

January 25, 2023

A new computer program has been created to write papers for students. Although this concept is not new, ChatGPT can write a ‘perfect paper’ equipt with warrants and a complete analysis of the topic without the editing that is required by other programs to make a bot-written paper passable. As technological advancements are made every year, students are beginning to work smarter, not harder. ChatGPT has the ability to write a ‘perfect paper’ for students that is untraceable by plagiarism-tracking technology. All the user has to do is add their topic and a few details for their body paragraph topics, and voila, a perfect essay in less than 5 minutes. However, this is still an act of plagiarism.

However, there are some benefits that students can see beyond plagiarism.

“It is good for students that struggle to come up with their own ideas and topics for their paper, or to beef up their paper with other ideas,” senior Finn Duffy said.

While this could potentially help students add depth and understanding to their essays, there is a risk of abuse. Many fear the app will be used in place of any of their own ideas or voice in their writing.

Emma Ruiz, an English teacher at Thomas Worthington, has a few thoughts on the foreseeable future of students.

“This app could potentially ruin original thought within student academics,” Ruiz said. “I guess it’s back to paper and pencil in-class writing.”

Many teachers are skeptical about giving students assignments that require work to be done outside of class, worrying that many are using ChatGPT to write their papers for them.

As of now, the Worthington district wifi has disabled access to several websites similar to ChatGPT, but it would be hard to stop students from using this app when on their own time outside of school.

“I’m sure there will be something that replaces it, even if this particular program is banned,” Ruiz continued, “But the bottom line is that there is nothing more sacred than the integrity of your own mind. It’s all we have that is truly ours”.

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