Avery Stupka, Editor

Avery Stupka is a 16-year-old year old who attends Thomas Worthington High School.  He is taking the Journalism class at TWHS this year. Avery would like to write opinion based articles because he finds the opinions of others interesting to hear and learn about. Avery Stupka plays the trumpet in the Thomas Worthington Marching Band and Jazz Band. Avery comes from a family of five. He has 2 older siblings, a brother named Ethan and sister named Claire, and his Mom and Dad. He comes from a band family with both of his siblings having played trumpet, as well as having been in Marching and Curricular Band for 4 years. His father played snare drum in both college and high school, and participated in marching band. Avery’s dreams for the future include traveling. He would like to go to the Sahara Desert and the Amazon Rainforest. And he would love to write books about his travels, which is another reason he chose to take Journalism this year. He intends to go to OU to get a Cartography degree. His dream job would be to map parts of the world for National Geographic and to write books about his travels.


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