Kace Pleasant, Journalist

Kace Pleasant is a Senior at Thomas Worthington High School and has been in the Worthington school district since 8th grade when he attended Worthingway Middle School. Kace was born on February 19th, 2000 in Southern Ohio and grew up in Columbus attending Columbus City Schools from Kindergarten till 7th grade. With his mom being his #1 supporter, Kace has been able to excel in Track and Football and has received several seasons worth of varsity letters in both sports. Kace holds a different laid back view of high school and believes that no one should stress over the little things and to just hold oneself to a standard that makes them happy.

As a journalism student Kaces goal is to not irritate Mrs.Ruiz everyday. With a Liberal perspective on the political spectrum he hopes to touch on topics like ‘Racism in America’ through his writings and open up others by showing them how to learn from others cultures and yet be color blind to race. Even with his political stance, Kace believes that he is non bias and sees where others come from when they have certain views.

Kace plans after graduation to attend Bowling Green State University, looking into programs that offer Physical Therapy for athletes. His goal in life is to be positive and have a happy family. His motivation behind all of his morals have stemmed from his father figure; always trying to find a way to be better. He also hopes to continue some of his hobbies like photography and art throughout life.

With his motivated mentality and bright outlook on life, Kace hopes that he leaves an imprint on TWHS for the better. As the last semester is coming to a slow end  he is going to miss the environment of growing up together with his classmates, teachers and his general friend group. As his last words to Underclassmen, he would like them to know that they should involve themselves as much as possible and try as many new and different things while they are young whether it’s academically or socially and that it's better to not wait all that they could enjoy.

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