Local band, Space Kid, Takes Off


Toby Hamel

Space Kid poses for a new Instagram pic.

High school bands are pop culture icons but how many people actually know someone who’s in one? Thomas Worthington has a band of its own, Space Kid. High school bands have been around since the 1990s and have since grown tremendously, especially with all of the new and improved technology that supports music production. Space Kid is growing in popularity at TWHS and beyond.

Space Kid is made up of 3 sophomore students: Patrick Gallaugher (lead singer/electric guitar), Riley Morgan-Boucher (Base/backup singer), and Liam Keron (Drums). Their music consists of 60s-inspired, raw, garage rock. The group is most inspired by other bands including Twin Peaks, The Black Lips, and Agogo Band which is also local here in Columbus. Space Kid has 3 officially released songs, but plays about 10 different songs at their shows. They have also played at many shows here in Columbus including Comfest, Rumba Cafe, and Ace Of Cups.

However, producing music is not the only thing they have to work through to be a successful band. As high school students, they also have to work through the logistics of managing their time, relationships, school obligations, family, and social life.

“We never really argue about the music, it’s more about when we all have time to practice and record,” said Morgan-Boucher. They have to coordinate many different schedules to make it work.

Their music touches on the topics of high school romance and living as teenagers during the pandemic; all experiences that are relatable to their primary audience and beyond.

The trio has known each other since the 4th grade when they met at Worthington Estates Elementary in 2016. They all performed in the talent show together. Once they started middle school, Liam and Patrick were in the same History class.

“I always knew who he was but we didn’t really talk that much and didn’t become friends until that class,” said Gallaugher.

The boys decided that they wanted to start a band for fun but needed someone to play the bass. They remembered that Riley-from-elemenatry-school played bass in the school talent show with them and were quick to ask her to officially join the band. The three still practice together in Liam’s basement.

In the future, they hope to continue to build a platform for themselves and expand their horizon both through music and experiences. They will also keep venturing out and meeting other local bands and finding new places to play to build their fanbase in Columbus.

You can listen to their music on any streaming platform. The next opportunity to check them out live is on March 11th at the Summit Music Hall at 8:00pm.