Summer Job Fair to Take Place at WEC on 4/14


With summer around the corner, students have a lot of free time on their hands, and although it is tempting to want to relax, the question is what job in Worthington is the best? There will be a job fair at the Worthington Education Center (WEC) on April 14 designed to help students figure out what might be a good fit for them. Many students consider their personal preferences and needs when trying to decide which job is a good fit for them. 

As a busy student, it can be stressful to balance school, clubs, and sports all while thinking about a job.  If you have never had a job, summer ‘23 could be a great time to dip your toe in the water.  Working can provide more than just a little extra money. TWHS custodian, Mr. Mark Mossberg says he spent summers in his youth bagging groceries, and restocking shelves.  

“I worked at a store called Food Land,” Mossberg said. “This closed down since but it was similar to Kroger.”   He said it helped him learn more about the workforce and was a good first job.  

If you’re more interested in working on your tan, working outside can be a good option for those looking for something a little more hands-on.  Wyatt Estep, and Harrison George both enjoy working at Brookside Country Club.  

“I make $65 every four-hour shift, plus tips.  I love spending time outside and really look forward to starting back up, ”Senior Wyatt Estepp said. 

Great places to look for outdoor jobs are the Columbus Zoo, and Zoombezi-bay water park.  Sophomore at Kilbourn Highschool Keiran Knight says “I love working at the zoo, the people are great and the animals are super cute.”  If you’re up to speed on your swimming skills, the Worthington pool is a great place to apply.  

Lots of TWHS students like to work in a busy restaurant setting.   

“I LOVE it at J Liu, I make a lot of money,” senior Drayvin Burdock says. “The owners are so nice, and they are supportive of my schedule and extracurricular activities.  They have also supported my art in the past.” Lots of restaurants are looking for hosts –a position well-suited for high school students– and willing to pay good money.  

Not all jobs are fun, some can be very stressful and or take place in a toxic work environment.  An anonymous TWHS student says “I work at a kid’s clothing store, OshKosh B’gOsh, and I hate it.  Lots of adult drama, and rude co-workers.  It’s not what I thought I was getting myself into,” she continues. Unfortunately, not all jobs are always what they seem. It’s important to keep your values, and boundaries in mind when applying and working for any company or institution.     

Whether you’re a freshman looking for a part-time summer job, or a graduating senior looking for a career, the 2023 Worthington Job Fair is an essential event to attend. Twenty-seven confirmed employers will be attending, ranging from food companies looking for part-time employees, to people who are looking to hire long-term or full-time employees. Mock interviews will also be held with counselors where they will ask questions and give feedback to teach students how to act in a professional interview. This event is only for students 16 and up, but is held every year.  The Job fair will be held at the WEC, Friday, April 14th, from 9:30-11:30. Transportation is provided if needed.  In order to attend this event during the school day, you will need a permission slip with staff signatures.  See your counselor for more information about the 2023 Worthington Job fair.