Davi De Oliveira

On April 12th & 13th, TWHS is hosting another annual talent show to promote and inspire many talented students. The talent show will give an opportunity to so many students with promising talents, including singing, playing instruments, dancing, and many more. The evening show on April 12th will showcase all the acts. On the 13th during school in a 2a/2b schedule, the students will have the opportunity to present their hidden talents to the whole school. We will see a lot of variety, and we’ll see the students
Senior Gavin Rode, who is involved in theater, Flock Talk, and many other events, is one of the students helping to organize the Thomas Worthington High School annual talent show. He was very excited to be there and see the variety of talents that will be presented.
“We have a bunch of talent this year!” Rode said, “From guitar (from classical to punk to ukulele), dances, and other neat talents”.
The auditions for the event happened early last week, and the judges were already astonished with what they saw. Gavin Rode described this talent show’s lineup as “Spectacular”.
“I don’t want to spoil too much, but I’ll just say that after one of the acts, our committee of Crewmates decided that we had to call an emergency meeting (Among Us),” Rode said.
Senior Julia Costa is involved in theater and is one of the students participating in the event presenting her musical talent. She took the risk of auditioning and presenting her talent to other students.
“I was kinda nervous because there were like 10 judges and a lot of talented people.” Costa said, “Overall, it was a fun experience and they were very nice, they gave me a lot of support,”
Costa is a Brazilian-immigrant student and plans to share her talents with the school, by singing and playing a song from the famous Brazilian singer, Roberto Carlos.
“I’m the only one performing a song in another language, and I think it is very important to our school to have art from other cultures,” Costa said.
With new people presenting their talents, and with different cultures being represented, the talent show is already going to be different. The big question: will 2023’s talent show be better than last year’s?
“I think there is a big chance to beat the last one, because there are more diverse talents, and the students look more prepared,” Costa said.