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Unlocking Teen Productivity

A clean room makes for a clear mind
Abby Dulgar
Abby Dulgar’s bed is a comfy spot making it the ideal place to wind down after a long day. Its warm color palette along with the natural light from the window makes the space inviting. Not to mention, a made bed is the best way to start your day.

Having a stable mindset and quality mental health as a teen is vital in getting through the stress of higher education. 1 in 5 teens (ages 12-17) struggle with at least one mental health disorder. There’s a simple, everyday task that can help prevent these disorders; cleaning your room. 

Keeping a clean room and living space can reduce cortisol levels tremendously, keeping anxiety and stress out of the picture. Teens especially need alone time and a place to wind down, sleep, do homework, etc. That shouldn’t contribute to the current stress of their lives. Who knew that such a quick and simple task could prevent a lot of unnecessary stress?

A healthy study environment is essential for focus and productivity

Homework is expected to be done at home; alone in a place where the student can focus and work on the skills learned in class. A clutter-free space where students feel motivated to, as some would say “lock in”, and focus on their homework is a must. Establishing consistency is what all students crave, but this becomes tricky in a space that is meant for sleep.

High school senior Abby Dulgar’s organized desk. The sticky notes and lists posted help her to stay on top of her schoolwork

Balance is key to having a productive physical and mental state. Thus, it is important to have a visual divide between your workspace and your sleeping space in your room. Having a clean room that allows your brain to differentiate between study time and bedtime increases productivity and reduces stress.

Time Management

Imagine this scenario; You’re trying to get ready in the morning, but your messy room is causing chaos. You’re digging through messy piles, and you still can’t find what you need. This would leave anyone feeling uneasy. The solution? Organize your space and say goodbye to this chaos!

High school senior Naj Asadi-Hill’s shelf. A minimalist, yet cozy corner. The ceramic pumpkin decor adds to her Autumn aesthetic. Perfect for a bookworm like herself.

A messy room adds to the load of stress teens deal with on a daily basis. With school beginning at 8 AM and ending at 3 PM, after-school jobs, as well as extracurricular activities, teens have some of the busiest schedules. When everything is organized and has a place, it becomes easier to gather necessary items in preparation for the next day! By setting up your day in an orderly environment, teens create a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Getting-ready essentials!

  • A vanity or mirror for doing your hair and makeup
  • A closet with organized sections for your wardrobe and accessories
  • A small tray or hook near the door for your keys is a must!

Personalize your room to show who you are

Making sure your room matches who you are is essential! A personalized room has lots of pros. It may not seem like it, but the space you are in has a major impact on the way you feel. Your room is the place where you rest and recharge daily. Doing so in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment can help your overall health immensely by reducing your stress levels, sparking your creativity, and resulting in a more restful night’s sleep.

Bright colors can make you feel more optimistic, while photos of family and friends can motivate you. Personalization can also give you a healthy sense of control. You make all the decisions on what makes you feel at home. Having your room as a form of self-expression is extremely empowering. Ultimately, your mental state is reflected by your environment, setting your space up for success is a great way to stay productive.

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