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A Treasure of The TWHS Student Body: Chase Kucinski

The balance between books and budget
Seniors Chase Kucinski (Left) and Nathan Edwards (Right) strategize for water polo during a regular season match. Kucinski does a lot of extracurricular activities and water polo is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here at Thomas Worthington, the student council plays a huge role in everything we do. From planning school dances to participating in service projects, the student council is one of the most important extracurriculars here at the school. Senior Chase Kucinski, who is the Student Body Treasurer (being the Treasurer junior year and the Vice President sophomore year) is a very active officer this year.

“Improvement projects for the school are certainly something I want to focus on. Two years ago, they cleaned up the commons which I thought was a great start. Something I also want to focus on is making the school more green and planting trees,” expressed Kucinski, saying that he would fulfill these goals by creating a garden in or around the school, and aid the outreach committee in their green and volunteering ventures. He also would like to work on establishing composting and recycling to combat waste. 

“Setting up the recycling in the first place is huge, but we can also extend it to things in the cafeteria that we can easily fix like food waste. We can work on reducing our carbon footprint and food waste to be green here and invest in the future,” said Kucinski.

Being the Student Body Treasurer, Kucinski will be in charge of the spending of the student council funds as well as make sure that everything is bought for certain events. A lot of what the student council does is through what the treasurer buys and gets done; even with all of the extracurriculars that Kucinski is doing, including Water Polo, Swimming, and Theatre as well as participating in multiple student organizations, he has nonetheless succeeded in dedicating time to student council.

When being asked what helps him manage his time properly so he doesn’t get behind in his school work as well as other activities, Kucinski preached, “A good support system, I’d say in Student Council, we all kind of work together, and that’s what makes it so efficient, and that’s how work gets done, and that’s what makes our work so great.”

Thomas Worthington is obviously going through some huge changes over the next few years, and Kucinski is not one to shy away from making his mark, as well as bettering the community all in one shot. He expresses that education is a huge part of bettering the community, if you don’t help people to understand a certain problem, they won’t ever get why it is so important to you. 

“Whatever change we want to make comes from educating [the students], and when we send them off from Thomas – when they graduate, and they go on to do great things in life, we’ve accomplished the ultimate goal. You want to bring them in and further their life and education while they’re here – you want to give them some insight and wisdom into the world before they leave,” said Kucinski.

Being in his last year at Thomas, Kucinski is pushing very hard to make the school a more sustainable place for the future, as well as making the school and community a better place for all.

“Eventually one day, hopefully, they’ll end up helping younger kids to learn, because of that help they receive. I know when I was in sixth and seventh grade, I received a lot of help in water polo, swimming, music, or whatever from older kids and that had a major impact on my life. So I know that I wanted to do the exact same thing. I hope that’s what everyone can take away.”

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