Sip the Season: Top Spots for Fall’s Favorite Drinks

Get your last taste before the season changes!
Nothing pairs better with school work than a seasonal beverage.
Nothing pairs better with school work than a seasonal beverage.

As the summer season concludes and the weather rapidly changes to cooler temperatures, the choices for seasonal drinks are vast. You can stay nearby and try delicious drinks from Joyas and Starbucks or travel a few minutes to try Bottoms Up Coffee or One Line Coffee in downtown Columbus.

Being a new addition as of last year to Worthington, Joyas already has a large variety of new and regular customers. It is located at the formerly known Sassafras, and the redesign of the location brought a new crowd of people. The cafe is open Tuesdays from 9 to 2 and Wednesdays from 8 to 2. The menu includes some fall favorites like a Thai tea or Joyas signature milk chai. The Thai tea, though iced, is a unique flavor of strongly-brewed black tea, often spiced with ingredients such as star anise, crushed tamarind, and cardamom. This tea is then sweetened with sugar and half and half. It is a great addition to fall favorite drinks. Along with the Thai tea, Joyas is known for its signature milk chai. This chai is sweetened Ceylon tea and evaporated milk, and is available either hot or iced; perfect for the autumn weather changes.

As the leaves fall from the trees and the air turns crisp, Starbucks enthusiasts get their last taste of the fall menu. The undeniable highlight of the menu is an exciting new addition – the iced pumpkin cream chai latte. This tantalizing beverage ingeniously combines comforting chai spices with sweet pumpkin flavor for the ultimate cozy treat. In addition to the showstopping new chai, Starbucks brings back customer favorites like the iconic pumpkin spice latte. This tried-and-true seasonal beverage features espresso, steamed milk, pumpkin sauce, and fall spice flavors for a comforting, familiar taste that’s sure to delight. For those craving their pumpkin fix in cold form, the pumpkin cream cold brew is also back – an icy cold brew coffee topped with vanilla syrup and pumpkin cream foam.

To complete the cozy autumn menu, Starbucks’ display cases fill up with pumpkin-flavored treats like pumpkin scones dotted with candy pepitas, pumpkin cream cheese muffins bursting with brown sugar crumble, and slices of pumpkin loaf cake with a buttery streusel topping. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the pumpkin spice latte or are excited to try the new pumpkin cream chai, Starbucks’ 2023 fall lineup has an array of flavors sure to get you into the autumn spirit.

Nestled away in the bustling downtown area of Columbus lies a hidden gem for coffee aficionados – Bottoms Up coffee shop. Though it may take some effort to find, this cozy cafe is certainly worth the trip, especially once autumn rolls around. When pumpkin spice season is in full swing, Bottoms Up takes the classic PSL to hauntingly delicious heights. Stepping into the cafe, you’re enveloped in warmth and the smell of roasted coffee beans. But in October, hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger from Bottoms Up’s seasonal drinks provide an extra layer of coziness. The star of their fall menu is undoubtedly the pumpkin spice latte, turned into a spooktacular treat with delightfully darling ghost latte art hand-poured on each steaming cup.

On a trendy side street in downtown Columbus is the minimalist yet cozy coffee shop One Line Coffee. Known for their dedication to specialty lattes made with real maple, honey, and seasonal ingredients, One Line crafts beverages that are as beautifully designed as they are delicious. But once autumn arrives, the menu at One Line shifts to showcase their beloved fall flavors. When pumpkin spice latte season commences, customers eagerly flock here to get their PSL fix. One Line’s version showcases espresso diligently pulled to highlight caramelly notes, then blended with real pumpkin puree, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. The complexity of the spice blend prevents the drink from tasting artificial or cloyingly sweet.

With so many great cafes offering delicious pumpkin spice lattes, pastries, and other autumnal treats, it’s clear that there are ample opportunities to enjoy the flavors of fall throughout the city. You’ll find plenty of wonderful spots to indulge in those comforting pumpkin spice flavors. Get out and explore some of the many cafes and eateries offering the tastes of the season.









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