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Too far?

As the seniors get angsty and ready for graduation season, boredom brews in their minds. The class of 2024 has experienced many instagram expose accounts, revealing rumors, crushes, and straight-up lies. Most become deleted quickly leaving the seniors awaiting their next bite of juicy gossip.  The newest account has been the most controversial yet; @twhsshipordrown2 has been pairing students up with each other as potential love interests.   

Senior Eli Fennie was matched with not one, but two false love interests. 

“I mean one of them makes sense but it’s still just weird. It made me uncomfortable,” Fennie said.

Fennie was matched with Senior Anabella Majors. The post was captioned “everybody wants to know their opinion of gay marriage and abortion,” a jab at their openness about their Christian beliefs.

 “It’s really random, not even that I’m being shipped with him, it’s more of a hit on my religion,” Anabella Majors reflects. “I think it’s unfair that people think because I’m Christian that people think I can be treated like this.” 

Eli Fennie expressed similar thoughts on this matter.   

“Most people come at me with controversial topics when I bring up my religion,” Fennie continued. “A lot of the time it’s to test me to see if my beliefs are extreme or not. Sometimes they ask about things like gay marriage, etc. It’s a common misconception that Christians hate gay people. Everyone has their own opinion on many issues and people shouldn’t just assume they know how others feel.” 

On a lighter note, Senior Naj Asadi-Hill was also shipped with her hair straightener, and two past love interests implying that she has a ‘type’. 

“Though I’m slightly offended that I was shipped with an inanimate object, I do think this matter should be taken lightly, “said Asadi-Hill.  “My friends and I got a lot of giggles.”  

Another likely matchup is senior, and Student Body Vice President Angelina Milanov was paired with a good friend, Student Body President, Josh Kociba.  

“So I have thought about this and I think it wouldn’t work, and could become awkward given our student government roles,” Milanov laughs.

Milanov expressed the awkwardness she felt as this post popped up on her Instagram feed. 

“I don’t want this account to be deleted,” Milanov said “I think it’s funny, but I do see where some might find it less laughable.” 

Senior, and Student body president Josh Kociba expressed similar feelings regarding the matter. “I’m not upset about this match– it’s kinda funny–I think of it in a friend kind of way!” Kociba said.

        High school is a time meant for laughs, learning through trial and error, and gossip. Everybody has different opinions on whether this account has been taken too far, but the most significant question remains: who is the troll behind the gossip?

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