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The Total Eclipse
The Total Eclipse
May 15, 2024

Resetting Wellness Goals for a Healthier 2024

Naj Asadi-Hill

As the clock struck midnight on January 1, people celebrated the presence of a new year. New Year’s resolutions are a recurring event that sparks people to revamp their bodies, save more money, and embark on a new hobby. People are flocking to gyms, digits in savings accounts are growing exponentially, and the search for new hobbies has begun. Although the idea of making goals for the new year is a great way to accomplish new things and increase a positive mindset, the reality is that many only work to accomplish these goals for a month or two into the new year. Amongst millions of people, seniors Eli Fennie and Ethan Morgan, and juniors Thomas Hayward and Meredith Button found themselves in a similar situation of wanting to change themselves for the better in 2024.

Fennie, motivated by his doctor’s warning that his health is “rapidly declining,” due to his diet, decided that the next way to move forward was a plant-based diet. 

“I’m embracing a strict plant-based diet,” Fennie stated, adding that both of his parents have joined in as well. “It’s been a big transition but something that is essential to me living a happier healthier life.” His resolution is proof that being conscious about health and well-being is essential to living a happy and healthy life.

Junior Thomas Hayward starts the year with hopes of playing his guitar more often as well as gaining weight and muscle in preparation for playing college hockey. 

“ I didn’t play my guitar that much last year and I realize I really enjoy playing,” Hayward said. “I need to get stronger so I can beat anyone I play [in hockey].” 

He is already a regular at the gym but works to be consistent and make more gains. Even though he had the same goals as last year, he would like to expand his guitar skills even further

“The grind never stops so I always have a goal to get stronger,” Hayward reflects.


Senior Ethan Morgan voiced a different but equally essential resolution. 

“I want to work on my time management.” 

For Morgan, balancing cross country, track and school can be difficult at times, so time management has always been a necessary part of his life and something that he needs to improve on. Morgan’s resolution relates to most people, as balancing life is stressful for everyone, and valuing balance and time is essential in today’s society more than ever with so many external distractions.  


Meredith Button, another junior at TWHS, has goals to work on disconnecting from screens and incorporate reading into her daily life.

 “In general, scrolling through social media has had a negative impact on my mental health,” Button says.


Reflecting on last year, she says “I have some similar ideas as last year’s goals, but my overall mindset is much different than last year.” Button feels as though a new years mindset is more important than a mere resolution or goal. 

While others were in the midst of the New Year’s celebrations, these four students came together, not for the same  goals, but because they’re ready to achieve goals that will have extremely important impacts on their lives. All of their resolutions show how they, along with a lot of people, are putting forth a conscious effort to make each moment in the New Year memorable.

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