2024 Graduation Dress Guide

2024 Graduation Dress Guide

How to Find the Perfect Dress

With graduation sneaking around the corner, seniors are ready to get out and take on adulthood and independence.  In all the stress, and excitement, the daring task of picking out the perfect outfit for graduation might get lost in the shuffle.  Traditionally graduation seniors pick between a white cocktail dress, or a suit to wear under the Navy blue gown.  Although this isn’t a requirement, most students will dress this way.  If you hate shopping, TWHS news has got you covered with 10 adorable graduation dresses representing different styles and budgets. 

Lulus “Precious Enchantment White Satin Floral Puff Sleeve Mini Dress”

Starting off with a classic satin white dress, with a bit of trendy flair. This dress, sold by online dress site, Lulus, is a very popular dress style this year, being shown on social media platforms like  Pinterest, and Instagram.  This dress is sold in sizes XS-XL.  

This dress is a moderately priced option coming in at $72. 

Anthropology White Lace Dress

Our next pick is something with a bit more of a boho feel, this long sleeve high neck lace dress could be perfect for somebody with a less traditional wishlist.  Anthropology had dozens of white cocktail dresses ranginging prices from $800, all the way as low as $60. 

This dress being sold in sizes XS-L is still pricey, but on the lower end of this.  Coming in at $90, not including shipping. 

Coming in third from Princess Polly’s new curve line, this spaghetti strap corset style sundress is adorable for somebody going for a beach like feel.  This is a great dress that can be repurposed for something else in the future due to its casual trendy style.  

This adorable dress is offered in sizes Zero – Twenty.  Originally being priced at $68, but currently 50% off being sold for a super affordable price of $34. 

Another dress, this one from Abrocrombie is a patterned crochet mini dress, coming in a nice shade of cream to make you stand out.  This is a super unique dress that would not require many accessories to make you stand out.  

This dress comes in sizes XXS-XL, and is priced a little higher than some of the other dresses due to its intricate design.  This mini dress is priced at $100 without shipping. 

White Crochet patterns Creme dress, $100

If you’re somebody with a colorful personality you don’t want to hide on this big day, a floral white dress could be something that still fits in, while still having that pop of color.  This is the second dress from Princess Polly.  A white dress with fun ruffles to add some texture, and adjustable straps to fit different chest sizes.  Featuring Red, and Blue flowers (TWHS school colors).  A great way to show school pride on your last day as a student!! 

This dress is offered in sizes Zero – Twelve being priced at $64 not including shipping, similarly to the other dresses sold by Princess Poly. 

Red, White, and Blue floral dress with ruffles, $64 

In this day in age, it can be hard to find things that represent people looking to dress modestly.  With the current trends not always lining up with this style choice.  This being said, there are options for you to dress cute, and conservative on this special day.  Ivy City CO  has tons of adorable options.  This Midi lace dress is a stunning, and classy way to dress in white.  

This dress is a bit more high-end and the price reflects that.  Coming in at $164 with free shipping included.  Being sold in a larger variety of sizes XXS – 5X. This dress is a great way to channel your inner elegance while looking amazing. 

Ivy City Co, Modest white midi lace dress, $164

Another, and more affordable modest dress is this adorable dress sold by Nee see’s dresses.  Featuring short puff sleeves, a classic sweetheart neckline, and the perfect flowy ruffled skirt hitting right below the knees.  This is such a dreamy dress that keeps everything covered while staying trendy.  

This dress is $60, and is offered in sizes, XS – 2XL.  You can get 40% off this outstanding dress if you use their valentines day sale code “HEART40” 


Honorable mention; This dress has pockets.


White Midi dress, Nee Sees Dress, $60


This white dress being sold by Hello Molly is a super trendy cute strapless dress.  A strapless dress would lay super well under the graduation gown making it have a seamless look.  If you want to feel like a princess this mini dress with a full babydoll skirt would make you look fabulous.  The unique flowers would make you look unique and trendy.   

This dress is sold in sizes XS – L and is a bit more pricey, at $125 but could be worth it if you wear it again for another event in the future.    

White mini dress with flowers, $125, Hello Molly 


Everybody knows satin is in, it’s a super classy way to have a timeless classic dress that will never go out of style. Princess Poly, again.

Selling this classic dress in sizes Zero – Twelve for $64, again shipping not included.  

Princess Polly, satin slip, $64


Whether you wear a traditional white dress or go for something a bit more unique, TWHS news is sure you’ll look fabulous. 

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