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April 12, 2024
Dresses lined up to be tried on in preparation for Prom 24
Prom '24
April 3, 2024

Who’s Getting This Season’s Final Rose?

TWHS students opinions on The Bachelor.
Ryleigh Sharp
Student streaming The Bachelor in class.

The newest season of The Bachelor starring Joey Graziasei aired January 22nd and coined 3.96 million views, a 2% uptick from last year’s premiere. The newest season full of drama, connections and heartbreak satisfies students Monday nights with something to talk about the next day. 

“I love the bachelor. I watch it every week and I look forward to it, “says Junior Lily McAlister. Other students are apprehensive to start watching but are coming around to it. 

“I think it’s confusing and hard to follow but after watching a few clips I’m hooked with the drama,” says Junior Emily Grove. This season is more drama filled than ever according to students.

“I have never been so excited for the new episodes. The drama is out of this world,” Says Senior Emma Lynch.

Some of the students’ remarks include, “Sydney is the fakest of the fake and I was so happy when she left,” Says McAlister. 

Senior Naj Asadi-Hill says, “Lea needs to leave, she’s so annoying. Sydney, thank god she’s gone I was like literally goodbye.” Other students recall their favorite seasons, Erickson loves The Bachelor season 14 starring Colton Underwood.

“Colton jumping the fence is my favorite part ever, because why was he doing all that?” Erickson remarks. McAlister loves season 14 of The Bachelorette, a show with the same plot but reversed gender roles. 

“Becca’s season was my favorite because she didn’t say she was falling in love with anybody until she proposed and she was just keeping it real and she married that one guy and had kids with him,” McAlister says. Others think the tv shows perpetuate infidelity. 

“I think it’s pointless and it’s a dumb show that promotes disloyalty with your partner and removes a sense of intimacy from the relationship,” Senior Eli Fennie says.

Whether you like it or hate it, The Bachelor gives everyone something to talk about.

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