Prom ’24

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Dresses lined up to be tried on in preparation for Prom 24
Dresses lined up to be tried on in preparation for Prom ’24

With heads-a-chillin’, upperclassmen are ready for April showers to bring May PROM flowers.  So what are some of the most fashionable TWHS students wearing? Whether you’re a last minute planner, or have had your dress ready, and planned for months, we’ve got you covered.  

Junior Ivy Kleinman preplans to the max. She has had her dress for eight years. “It’s my sister’s from Glitterati which is a place in Massachusetts. It’s teal blue.”  At this point, it’s a family hairloom Ivy is honoring in this special way.

“I got one dress and I hope it works. ” Junior Lily Mcalister tells us.  Just like in years past, many students are ordering dresses online.  Dress sites like Lulus, Hello Molly, and Princess Poly, are taking the Internet by storm.  Most seniors feel the traditional places to find prom dresses, like department stores, and places at the mall are selling significantly less options then they have in the past. Senior Emma Lynch says, “although online shopping seems the easy way out, the sizing is always a guess and it would be so nice if they had all the options of an online store, in a real store.  I think the online stores would make so much money by doing pop-ups” 

In the past dresses have been big, colorful, and covered in glitter. In recent years dresses have begun to slightly shift, becoming a bit simpler.  These dresses started to become popular on sites like pinterest, and other social media apps.  Now all of the only stores sell almost exclusively these styles. Making it a bit tricky to find more flashy dresses for an affordable price.  An anonymous senior, is a fan of the new and upcoming styles, “I think it’s elegant and sleek and clean.”

But not everybody is a fan of these new “trendy” styles. Senior Naj Asadi-Hil isn’t a fan of these new trends. “I purposely look for older style dresses. The more simplistic style just isn’t for me and it ensures I can find a unique dress for me.”  Due to these glamorous dresses falling out of style, it’s becoming almost impossible to find them at affordable prices.  Places like Henry’s Bridal being one of the only stores that are selling them.  The average price for the dresses from this boutique is about $500.  This is just not affordable for the average student at TWHS.  

With prom being so expensive nowadays, many students are looking for ways to cut costs.  Between the ticket itself, outfit, shoes, and beauty appointments some students choose to invest in, such as nails, hair, makeup, and spray tans, and if you choose to go to dinner beforehand, prom can get very expensive for students.  Some seniors said they spent up to $1000 last year.  DIY is becoming a very popular option to save money, and have fun doing it.  Senior Dakota Curtiss says she does her own nails, “I started doing my own nails to save money, but have started to have a lot of fun with it.  I think if it’s something you enjoy, it is worth learning how to do.”

Whether you’re planning to dance the night away, or are just hoping for some fire flicks, TWHS NEWS is sure you’ll look fabulous! #PROM 24

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