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The Total Eclipse
The Total Eclipse
May 15, 2024

Are we there yet?

This image is representing a senior powered class, empty due to “Senioritis”.

The fact that it has taken me all of spring break and another two and a half to start this article already seems to prove a point for the hot topic of “Senioritis”.

The given definition for “Senioritis” is,

 “A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” 

It is more recognizable for its prime notice in the second half of the year towards the end of the semester and has seemed to hit some of our very own TWHS students. 

Senior Naj Asadi Hill, 

“I personally feel that it doesn’t affect me and that my teachers have provided me with a steady flow of work, also the fact that I haven’t decided what my future plans are, It takes away some of the current excitement of graduating.” Says. Having varied school schedules and when and where your classes most definitely can have an impact on your future plans and “senioritis”. 

Logan Gardner, a football commit at Otterbein University feels a little differently, 

“I feel like Senioritis is 100% real. I haven’t brought my backpack to school in almost two months, I’m late to every class, and I rarely have the desire to do my homework.” Although Gardner is ready for the next chapter of his life at Otterbein University, his last few months here at Thomas Worthington definitely have been inconsistent due to the lack of desire by his own Senioritis, getting the better of him and blames his lack of appearance on second-semester senioritis. 

Another senior Eli Fennie who will be attending The Ohio State University in the fall of ‘24  majoring in Pre Law says,

“ I definitely have senioritis and am completely behind in classes and have been barely squeaking by, barely passing the classes. I wait until the very last moment to do my work as long as it’s necessary, and if it’s not, I’m not doing it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if OSU rescinded my offer at this point.” Graduating Seniors with plans for their next four years even have had a difficult time finishing off the spring semester. 

“Finding determination and motivation to finish off your senior year will be a challenge for most individuals, creating a routine and consistency and steady workload is the best way to stay focused.” Naj Asadi-Hill says.

Whether you know what your future looks like once you walk across that stage or not, to be able to even get to the stage, you have to be able to finish what you started four years ago. So has Senioritis hit you? Do you think it can actually contribute to your routine in your final semester of High School? And if it has, does it really make the difference?

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