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The Faces Behind The Screen


Lily McAlister:

Lily McAlister is a junior in the TWHS news program, and is about to wrap up her sixth semester. Lily was awarded the OCC journalism award in the 22-23’ school year as a sophomore.  Lily’s favorite memory is when she won the class Just Dance Battle.  A fun fact about Lily is that she has seven cats! Me-wow!






Ryleigh Sharp: 

Senior Ryleigh Sharp has been a part of the Journalism program for two years.  She earned the OCC Journalism Award in the ’24 school year. She plans on going to The Ohio State University next fall.  Ryleigh plans on majoring in Business, with dreams of living in a big city, and becoming The Bachelorette in 2030.  Her favorite memory from her time in the TWHS journalism program is watching Joey’s season of The Bachelor, and watching him find his lifelong tennis partner. 




Liam Keasel:

Liam Keasel has been a part of TWHS News for two semesters, Liam plays soccer for the school. His favorite memory from being a part of this program is chatting with our teacher Emma Ruiz, “she makes me a better writer, and all around a better person.” Liam continues by saying “Her acumen in the writing world is truly unbelievable and inspiring.” 






Emma Lynch:

Emma Lynch is one of the newest member of TWHS News Advanced Journalism, but an extremely influential member of the news team.  Emma is going to Ohio University and plans on majoring in Journalism and minoring in sports management.  Emma’s favorite memory in journalism is throwing a surprise birthday party for one of her fellow students.  Good Luck Emma!!




Maggie Erickson: 

Maggie Erickson has been a part of TWHS Advanced Journalism for 4 semesters.  She played Field hockey from grade nine, through eleven.  Maggie was awarded the OCC journalism award in the 24’ school year.  Maggie will be  attending Bowling Green University next fall, with plans of majoring in Journalism.  Maggie says throughout her time in this class the memories have been endless, but her all time favorite has to be when her classmates threw her a surprise birthday party!





Eli Fennie:

Eli Fennie is a senior in the TWHS News program, wrapping up his third semester.  Eli plays soccer, and runs track and field.  Next year Eli is going to OSU and is going to be studying Pre Law. Eli runs a successful gutter/exterior cleaning business called Columbus Cleaning Crew, where he goes door to door searching for clients.  Eli tells us about his favorite memory, “my favorite memory is when we all tried the chamoy pickle kits!”  If TWHS news ever gets into legal trouble, needs our yards cleaned, OR needs pickle recommendations, we know who to call! 




Jackson Sanders: 

Jackson Sanders is a senior member of TWHS News, and is finishing up his first semester of Advanced Journalism! Jackson was the captain of the Boys Varsity soccer team for the 24’ season. Next year Jackson is taking a gap year to play semi pro soccer for FC Columbus.  Jackson’s favorite memory is watching bachelor clips every Tuesday to catch up on Joey’s love life. A fun fact about Jackson is that he works for soccer plus! Good luck with your gap year Jackson!!





Emily Grove:

Emily Grove is a junior in the TWHS news program.  She is currently in her sixth semester.  Emily is a member of TWHS pilates club, and she is the only girl in her family! Emily was awarded the OCC journalism award in the 22-23’ school year as a sophomore.  Emily’s favorite memory is going to get coffee on blended days with her classmates!  Many consider Emily to be the confidant of TWHS news! 





Ivi Kleinman:

Ivy Kleinman Is currently wrapping up her third semester in the TWHS news advanced journalism program.  Ivy plays tennis, is a freshman mentor, and is an avid member of the environmental club.  Ivy was awarded the OCC journalism award in the second semester of the 23’-24’ school.  Ivy’s favorite memory is taking a tour of the construction site, with Principal Scully, and other journalism students.  Ivy is also the men’s volleyball photographer.  

Ivy is dating Thomas Hayward BTW 



Thomas Hayward:

Thomas Hayward has been a part of the journalism program for three semesters. He plays Varsity volleyball, and hockey. He is also a member of the environmental club at TWHS. Thomas was awarded the OCC journalism award in the second semester of the 23’-24’ school year. His favorite memory is having class feasts on the regular.  A fun fact about Thomas is that loves to fish, he quotes “I go a lot, I started fishing in 2020, and go with my friends.”

Thomas is dating Ivy Kleinman BTW  


Alaina Walter: 

Alaina Walter is a Junior at TWHS and is taking her first semester of Journalism. “I am signed up to take it next year too” Alaina says.  She is involved in theater, and the Improve club.  Alaina’s favorite memories are the class parties, and all the silly debates. “It’s like we are really all a family,” she continued.  A fun fact about Alaina is that she does a lot of creative writing, she has dreams of being an author writing realistic fiction, and fantasy books. 




Maddie Barath:

Maddie Barath is a senior at TWHS, about to complete her first semester of advanced journalism.  Maddie works at Starbucks as a barista, she has worked there for almost two years.  Maddies favorite memory is one day when she was late to class, and walked into everybody watching the bachelor. “I thought it was so funny, and was relieved I didn’t miss much real work, ” Barath tells us.  Maddie is an intern at Apex Performance lab, and she coaches there.  Next year Maddie will be going to college for business next year. Location TBD.

Good Luck Maddie!!

Naj Asadi-Hill:

Naj Asadi-Hill is a senior at TWHS, this year she is graduating after spending the last two semesters in advanced journalism.  Naj loves to try new things, and has a strong passion for animals.  Naj’s favorite memory in the journalism class is getting closer with her peers. “I love watching television with my friends and bonding while writing articles that inspire my classmates!” Naj is planning to go to college next year but isn’t entirely sure of her plans! Good luck Naj!




Jack Murphy:

Jack Murphy is a senior at TWHS.  Jack transferred to Thomas his junior year of high school, from Kilbourne.  This year Jack took, and will be completing his first and last semester as a member of TWHS news.  Jack  is taking  a gap year next year and will be working; location TBD.  His favorite memory is making tik toks in journalism, and brainstorming ideas. Jack comes in first place for TWHS news members with the most unexcused absence.  Jack is NOT a morning person. 

Good luck with your gap year Jack, TWHS was lucky to have you!!

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