Who’s ready for summer: A list of the top 8 things to do this summer

Including 6 local shops to check out!
Photo of students enjoying summer at Alum Creek Beach
Photo of students enjoying summer at Alum Creek Beach

Who’s ready for summer? TWHS news knows we sure are! Whether you prefer to splish, and splash in your hometown Wo-town, or you would rather travel far in a getaway car.

(or you could be practical and get a job) 

After talking to many students, here are the top eight ways to spend your summer. 


ONE- “I recently got a job, I plan to work a lot this summer to save up for college.” Senior Najhla Asadi-Hill said. Many students have fun plans this summer, but it’s a really good idea to get a part time job to learn independence, and make some spending money at the same time. Tons of local businesses are hiring for summer positions.  


TWO- “I plan on traveling to Hilton Head with my family, we got a house close to the beach, so that will be a daily activity…I hope”  Senior Jack Murphy said. 


THREE- Cedar point is a super fun day trip for students who can drive. “I’m planning on going to Cedar Point with some friends for a day trip, I’m so excited.  I would encourage everybody who likes to ride roller coasters and play games to give this a try.” 


FOUR- If you want something fun to do consider grabbing some concert tickets to spice up your summer. From Zach Bryan to Nicki Manaj there’s endless possibilities of fun. Senior Emma Lynch plans on going to Zack Bryn. “I got surprise tickets from a friend’s mom. I plan on it being the highlight of my summer.  It’s a great memory before I leave for collage in the fall” 


FIVE- Are you a student athlete who needs to get whipped into shape by pre-season? Planet fitness offers a super affordable workout, for only $10 a month with unlimited visits. 


SIX- Get outside! Camping is a great way to embrace nature, and connect with your inner goddess.  Even Emma Ruiz, TWHS staff regularly camps with her BFF Senora Eldridge “I really like to go camping with my family and friends, it’s fun for the kids to play in the woods, while the parents catch up around the fire.” 


SEVEN- Plant a garden! I know it doesn’t sound fun,but many students tried it last year, and had a lot of fun. “I went to a job fair, where a retirement home gave me vegetable seeds. I fed my family organic veggies all summer long. I had a lot of fun tending to my patch.  They looked really pretty also and grew up on my fence.  It attracted a lot of wildlife.” Senior Najhla Asadi-Hill told us. 


EIGHT-Start a YouTube channel! Even if you don’t get any subscribers, it’s a super fun way to document your summer. Looking back on your summer will be extra east when it’s in the form of video diaries. 



ONE – Flower Child 

Looking for a vintage place with great energy and fantastic photo ops? Flower Child has all of those things combined, with their kind knowledgeable workers, to the several scenes decorated with authentic vintage items!

TWO – Out of The Closet/Uptown Cheapskates 

The clothing market can be hard to find affordable stuff, and most have learned fast fashion is bad on several levels. So if you are looking for an affordable place to shop for clothes, Out of The Closet is a queer run thrift store with countless treasures. 

THREE – Karavan Treasures of Turkey 

Authentic places are slim in Ohio, but Karvana Treasures of Turkey is a store downtown that provides authentic finds consisting of countless items of Turkish culture. 

FOUR – The Book Loft

The Book Loft is one of the most aesthetically pleasing book stores in Columbus, perfect for book worms to both browse, buy, and read new novels.

FIVE – Magnolia Thunder Pussy

The original record store in Columbus Ohio sells countless bins of vinyls, CDs, and posters. 

SIX – The Alley

A costume party or prom, The Alley is a store with handpicked costumes that take up the entire store that are perfect for any event. With decades of fashion

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