Fight with Three Six

Payton McClintock

This summer Joey Mechling, a senior at Thomas Worthington, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, also called RMS.  RMS is a form of cancer located in cells that normally develop into skeletal muscles.  These muscles include those that we control to move parts of our body and the muscle of internal organs, which we don’t have control over.  This form of cancer is fairly rare, however it is more commonly found in children and teens rather than adults.  Mechling has already begun extensive chemotherapy to battle the cancer.

Mechling has been a part of both the TWHS Ice Hockey Team and the Entrepreneurship Business Academy (EBA) since he was a freshman.  The two groups have joined together to create the “Fight with Three Six” campaign.  Together they created a shirt featuring a yellow ribbon to raise awareness for RMS along with Mechling‘s name and the number 36, his ice hockey number, on the back.

Along with purchasing a shirt for $10 to show support and raise awareness, donations are being accepted at the Aviary as well.  Gift cards and letters are being accepted to give to Mechling and his family, however cash cannot be taken.

The Mechlings will be presented with what is collected at the TWHS football game against Hilliard Davidson on October 23.  Those attending the game are encouraged to wear their ¨Fight with Three Six¨ shirts in support.