Colonial Hills Honors Local Coach


Hannah Davis, Writer

Local Elementary and Middle School students will be promoting running and healthy living by running in the third annual John Blaine Worthington Classic at Colonial Hills Elementary School on November 14.

Breakfast and Commemorative t-shirts will be sold to benefit the Colonial Hills Cross Country team. Children from six schools participated in last year’s race.

Coordinator, Suzanne Guy said that, “The races are fantastic for children. They are a competition, but they aren’t just a competition, they truly are a community event. It’s great to see kids’ willingness to do things that are healthy for them, and they also have fun too.”

Guy said that when the race began in 2012 she wanted to name it after the school’s physical educator to help kids adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“There has always been a strong interest level in cross country in the area of Worthington. We wanted to reach out and run with kids from other school districts. We wanted to surprise John by naming the race after him. He encouraged all students to run in the race, disregarding their physical disabilities.”

Blaine has been a physical educator in the Colonial Hills area for the past 32 years. He is honored for receiving the award and loves helping kids develop healthy lifestyles.