Animal Testing

Animal Testing

Kenzie Mayer, Writer

This year, countries all over the world have taken big strides to stop the sale of products that are tested on animals. However America still has done nothing, and many products that Americans use everyday are tested on animals. Testing on animals is a big problem in central Ohio, not just for products, but for human disease and medical tests.

The Humane society suggests that animal testing isn’t even an effective way to test how chemicals behave in or on the body. Also Peta claims there is a much more effective way of testing how a chemical will affect a human such as manufacturers dropping that chemical onto cornea-like 3-D tissue structures produced from human cells. This is not the only, more effective, way to test chemicals, there are dozens more that are more accurate at predicting human reactions to products.

One of our biggest problems is our multiple, huge multi product manufacturers that still test on animals with chemicals that poison, burn, and blind helpless them, also Universities that test on animals for medical experiments. One example of a multi product company is; Johnson & Johnson. They make many first-aid products, Tylenol, baby products, Clean&Clear products, and Neutrogena skin and beauty products. Because these are all made by Johnson & Johnson, all of them are tested on animals. But it doesn’t stop there, animals are used in biological lessons, medical training exercises, and medical experiments at Universities. 

Many animals such as dogs are abused in human-disease studies. Ohio is not an exception from these wrong-doings, Peta reports that scientists at Ohio State University forced surgically manipulated dogs to run on a treadmill until they collapsed from a heart attack. The dogs were killed, and the damage to their heart tissue was studied. Also middle and high schools all across Ohio use animals for dissection. Last year, the Honors Biology classes at Thomas Worthington dissected rats, when the rats arrived for the dissection many of them were deflated and some had white, tumor-like, things in their bodies.

What can we do to stop this unethical testing? Well the best way to stop the companies from hurting animals is to stop buying their products and find better alternatives to the products you buy. Peta has a list of products that do test on animals, and a list that does not. There is not much we can do to stop the human-disease studies, but there are protests you can participate in, organized by OSU students. Millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, and dogs are tested on every year and it’s our job to stop it.