Interviewing Mrs. Seiling

, Jada Sleet

Allie Seiling’s first year at Thomas Worthington began on August 19, she said, “I feel like it’s my freshmen year of high school all over again.” Throughout her first year here she is hoping to see students excel in all different ways. She also said that one of her biggest fears is to make a mistake or see someone make a mistake that cannot be fixed. She knows mistakes happen but she believes that if you work hard to fix that mistake then all can be forgotten.

Something that Mrs. Seiling is trying to work on is to think first and not act first, she says that  this would help her more in her personal life. Seiling comes from a big family of five and has a twin, but out of the 5 she is the oldest. One of her strongest talents is her ability to maintain a constant aura of positivism. The biggest thing she would like to accomplish in her first year at TWHS is to make a positive impact on as many students as she can. Coming into this school she would like to help out everyone and make sure they are going down the right path.

Even though Seiling is a very busy lady, in her free time she likes to spend time with her family. She enjoys to yoga, seeing movies, eating good food. Her favorite place to eat is a restaurant called Brassica. I asked Seiling to say three words that would describe her and she said, “positive, hard-working, passionate,” but overall Seiling is very glad to be here at Thomas Worthington and she is looking forward to the rest of the years she spends here.