Counselors to the Rescue

Counselors to the Rescue

Tyann Avery, Writer and Editor

Schedule changes are among one of the largest dilemma at the start of a semester. Students become unsatisfied with the class course work or the agony of the teachers’ ways. Guidance counselors David Quart, Felicia Smith, Kathy Scott, Stephanie Burns, and Celeste Redman are the superheroes who make these schedule changes possible. In an email interview with Quart, the the counseling department chair, I got an insight into the process of adjusting schedules.  

Q-How long does it takes for students to have their schedules changed?

A- We make the changes to schedules as quickly as possible. If the add/drop form is completed accurately with all required signatures, (and there is a seat available in the desired class) a schedule change should only take one to two school days.

Q-Do teachers care about schedule changes?

A-Yes. Teachers do care about schedule changes.

Q-In your personal opinion how do schedule changes affect the teachers?

A- It adjusts the number of students in their classes. Each class has a “max” number of seats- just like in college. Some teacher’s class sizes can balloon, while other teacher’s number decrease. Obviously, this then leads to less/more grading, copies and prep, etc. For example, we will not put 30 students in one class and 20 students in the same class just a different period. Those two classes should be balanced at 25 each.

Q-How often do students procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get their schedule changed?

A-Generally, students are proactive and try to have their schedule changed prior to, or within the first few days of the class. There are exceptions to that rule.

Q-Can students earn more than one credit in a subject area in one year?

A-Yes. Students have always been able to earn more than 1 credit in a subject area. Many students, for example, take 2 science classes, or 1.5 social studies classes. It is very common.

Quart gives us a different perspective on schedule changes as well as the effect of the changes on students and teachers. The take-away is to thoughtfully arrange your schedule during the registration period and be aware of the add/drop deadline. This can have a huge effect on teachers and students.