Motivating Athletes with Player of the Week

Anna Gerber, Writer

Have you ever wanted to experience the satisfaction of being selected “Player of the Week” for a sports team? You can talk to any player on our basketball team to learn how it feels. They will tell you how hard you have to work not just on the court but in school as well.  To become Player of the Week for our boys’ basketball team, an athlete not only needs great statistics, but also he needs to play above the level he normally plays, or he needs to play more minutes to help the team. Over the four-month season, Player of the Week was one way that Head Basketball Coach Sean Luzader encouraged excellence on his team.

Luzader did not come up with this idea. In an email, he wrote that multiple teams and coaches “have done this for years.” All three boys’ basketball teams – varsity, J.V., and freshmen – had Players of the Week in order to excite the players on the court.

Not only did it excite players, Player of the Week motivated them during practices.  Luzader wrote, “If they know that they can be named Player of the Week then they may work harder and give better effort. It’s also just another way to promote our players and our program to people outside our program.”  

Senior Jaret Gerber enjoyed being Player of the Week because his “hard work finally paid off.” Gerber said “it also made me feel accomplished, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without my teammates.” Luzader announced Gerber’s award by tweeting out a picture of him playing during a basketball game against Central Crossing. The tweet included a picture of Sophomore Grant Cross and Freshman Tanner Hunt, who were named Player of the Week for the J.V. and freshmen teams.

Luzader celebrates and publicizes the Players of the Week when he tweets photos and emails to the staff. Previous Players of the Week include Junior Jake Montgomery, Junior Christian Carter, Senior Tanner Cowgill,  Sophomore Jamal Carter, Sophomore Sebastian Kosanovich, Freshman Kyler Block, and Freshman John Tchounguen.

While Player of the Week celebrates athletes of all grade levels, Senior Night honors the Seniors on the team. Kamron Block, Anthony Falks, Jason Flavin, Gerber, and Cowgill enjoyed victory when the team beat Olentangy Liberty for the first time in five years with a score of 54-50.  Gerber led the scorers with 20 points followed Montgomery with 13 points.  

The team moves to the District Tournament on March 2 at Olentangy Orange High School where it plays Westerville South High School at 7:00 p.m. Take time today to say good luck to a varsity basketball player and to congratulate the team for its hard work.