Save Lives, Earn Respect

Julia Molnar, Writer

The American Red Cross association has been aiding people for years, but did you know that they can help out students with their education, too? The Red Cross offers a Blood Services High School Leadership program which includes many opportunities for growth and experience for any high school student.

The Red Cross designed a specific outline of requirements high school students can follow to receive a red cord at graduation, scholarship money, and letters of recommendation.  This program is especially good for students who may not be eligible for other academic or club-based cords or awards.

According to the Red Cross website, students can sign up for the leadership program before you are old enough to donate. In order to complete level one, receiving the red cross cord, you must first donate blood to the American Red Cross Association.  To donate blood, you must be 16 years old with parent permission or over 17 years old.  You will need to donate blood three times to the organization in order to be granted the cord.  The second level makes participating students eligible to win a $5,000 scholarship.  To qualify, you must donate blood three times and do eight hours of Red Cross service.  You can complete your service hours by volunteering at a blood drive, supporting Red Cross fundraising and making phone calls to Red Cross financial donors.  There are tons of easy and fun opportunities to volunteer that not only are fulfilling to those you help, but also to you.  Level three provides students the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation from the Red Cross for college. To be given this letter, you must complete level one and two, and then refer five friends or family members to donate blood for the Red Cross Organization.  

This is a great way to stand apart from other students applying to colleges and to show one’s compassion, drive, and responsibility as opposed to only academic achievements. Overall, the American Red Cross Organization provides great ways to achieve success and uniqueness in high school.  You can sign up today at