NFL Draft Recap

Justice Baham, Writer

NFL Draft day is one that all college football athletes dream about.  It is the one day when all their hard work pays off.  The prospects gather with their family and peers and wait to hear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell call their names.

Living in a new city, participating in team activities and dealing with the acclaim of professional football means that the NFL Draft is a life-changer for these young adults.

This year’s draft, held from Apr. 28 – 30, was a special draft because the Los Angeles Rams received the first overall pick. Relocated from St. Louis, the upcoming season will be the first season that the Rams are in Los Angeles. Their pick, University of California quarterback Jared Goff, should help the franchise have success in its new location.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded up for the second pick and drafted North Dakota State University quarterback Carson Wentz.  

Although the point of the draft is for teams to pick the best college football players, this is not always true.  The best player in college football is named the Heisman trophy winner.  Last season the winner of the Heisman trophy was Alabama running back Derrick Henry, yet he was not drafted until the 14th pick of the second round.

College football teams take pride in a player from their favorite colleges getting drafted.  Among the power-five conferences in college football, there were 51 SEC players drafted, 47 Big Ten players drafted, 32 Pac-12 players drafted, 26 ACC players drafted and 26 Big 12 players drafted.
Overall the draft was successful for the 253 players drafted.  This is the start of their NFL careers, and they all hope to make an impact on the league.  For a few, it is the start of a history-making career.