Career Mentorship

Gaining Experience in a Professional Setting

Lark Rutter, Writer

Do you want to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the adult workforce?  If you’re an upcoming senior looking for a great class to take during one of the last semesters of your high school career, then Career Mentorship, taught by Ruth Ann Norris, is the perfect class.

At the beginning of the quarter, Norris sits down with each student to learn their interests and discuss possible career choices. She then matches the students with mentorship sites that connect with their pursuits. Eventually, students will spend four to six hours three days a week interning at their mentorship sites.  Throughout the internship, students get one-on-one experience with a mentor and learn the ropes of the job.

This class is a great way to discover whether a career is something you would really like to do in the future.  And when you’re not at the mentorship site, Norris has classroom seminars that detail different tools students will use in the professional arena.  

As the semester ends, Norris brings in professionals for individual interviews with students. This exercise gives an authentic interview experience, and for many students, it is the only time they will have been interviewed before college. The interviewer gives feedback to help the student succeed in future interviews. In this way, students gain confidence so that in a true interview they will succeed. 

Not only will students come away from Career Mentorship with a well-written resume and cover letter, but also the class provides students with experiences that are invaluable for their futures. If you’re looking for an easy quality class, Career Mentorship is the way to go.