Helping Along the Way

Sydnee Fowlkes, Writer

The school provides all freshmen with formal mentors to ensure the transition from middle school to high school is comfortable.  Underclassmen can also find informal mentors in upperclassmen who are involved in the same extra-curricular activities.  In general, mentors are very helpful in making sure that freshmen can have the best possible experience as they enter high school.

During Schedule Pick-Up Day, school mentors walk with students to each class so that on the first day of school, it isn’t as difficult to find classrooms.  In addition, most freshmen get a free period even if they don’t put on in their schedule; it’s called enrichment. The school assigns mentors to the enrichment periods, and Junior Carsen Komminsk said that they “help freshman with all their homework, assignments and projects if they need help.” This period also gives freshmen the opportunity to ask mentors any questions they may have.   

Throughout the year, the school mentors also put together events that benefit freshmen. For example to help prepare for mid-term exams, the mentors organize Cocoa and Cram, an after-school study session when everyone goes to the cafeteria, eats cookies, drinks hot cocoa and prepares for exams. Of course, for final exams, the mentors hold the study session Cookies and Cram (it’s not cold enough for hot cocoa), and some teachers will give students extra credit for attending.

Freshman Sarah Charley thinks that mentors are helpful when it comes to big events such as Cocoa and Cram, but other than that, she didn’t find them really that helpful.  While mentors may not be essential  to a freshman’s first year, Komminsk believes “it’s a good tool to have in class if the freshmen are willing to utilize the mentors.” Freshman Teylar Poindexter agrees and thinks having mentors available during  her freshman year made it easier.

Though not every person will find mentors critical to their success, it is certain that having someone to answer questions and to help out during the year is useful in easing the stress of being a freshman.