Girls Field Hockey Winding Down Season With Wins


Avery Smith

On the first game of the month, girls field hockey takes another victory, beating Ursuline Academy 2 to 0 with goals scored by sophomore Rachel Rinaldi and stroke scored by senior Stephanie Mertz. 

“We really gelled as a team” said senior goalie Renuka Shank about the win.

Coming back from a state championship and losing seven seniors and five varsity starters, teamwork is essential to the team’s comeback season.

After losing to long-time rivals, Columbus Academy, the team aims to “Push Past Our Edge” , making the quote their new team motto.

“We’ve had our ups and downs but now we’re just going up.” said sophomore Julia Scharff about the loss to Columbus Academy.

With their season winding down after a win over Lancaster on Monday’s senior night, you can support the team at their last few games; the final home game being against Kentucky on Thursday September 13th and their last game at Liberty vs. Liberty on Saturday the 15th.