Teachers Making a Difference


Jason Savage is a business teacher here at Thomas, but it’s not always what he has been doing.  He has only been a teacher for 4 years.  He attended Ohio University, but did not go directly into teaching after graduation.  He always knew he had a passion for teaching, but got into business after college.  He was in business and sales for 17 years before deciding to switch over to teaching.  When he went to get his teaching degree, it was originally in English, but got refereed to business after realizing how many business credits he had.  He now is a successful business teacher here and is doing what he loves.

Kim Maurer is another passionate teacher here at TWHS, but her story is a little different.  She knew she always wanted to be a teacher and executed her plan right away. In college she was a student teacher at a high school and fell in love right away. She is equally passionate about teaching her students, but also about the whole art subject. She says “i have first hand accounts on how art has saved students lives”, and that’s why she enjoys working with students. She has her own art studio and practices her passion all the time.  She grew up around here, and her father was involved in film, so forms of art have been apart of her life forever and she’s always been in love with it.

Ian Sample did not always want to be a teacher. He worked for an economic marketing company before becoming a teacher.  “I was tired of sitting in front of a computer all day and needed a change.” Ian has a  deep passion for teaching, so he pursued it. Both of his parents were teachers so he is following in his parents footsteps. He has also always had a passion for science, so he is very happy here at TWHS in the science department.  It shows that Ian is doing what he loves because he was comfortable, had a good job, but left and became a teacher, which is a risk he was willing to take, because he’s doing some things he’s passionate about.

We have some great teachers in this building and just these three examples show it.  They all have different stories on how they got here, whether they had another job or always had the desire to be a teacher, but they all ended up doing what they love.  It shows they care about the students learning and developing students to become better people.