Multiple students making fun of another student. this is a common occurrence in high school, even though everyone knows it’s wrong.
many threats or abusive comments can be sent through the “web” or social media

most people choose to argue over the internet so they wouldn’t have to confront the person because they are scared

watching an embarrassing video of a fellow student

this can lead to arguments and rumors

kids discriminating another student for different apparel

being why a lot of schools wear uniforms today

student targeted for having money all the time

that’s why you keep that bread at home

student being beat for not having money

should have kept the money home

most people observe but do not help.

either they are scared themselves or they’re just rude people

teacher sees a fight starting to happen. most people tend to not help so teachers get involved in school


attacking another student because of size difference. a lot of people can’t fight so they choose to pick on the weak
kids laughing at smaller student and recording but wont help. so everyone one is at fault in  the picture
breaking up the “scuffle” between the students. so now this can lead to a settlement and end to the madness.