What To Do When You Find Abandoned Wild Animals


Elena Nesterov

Wild Bunnies put into a box.

I just recently became a foster mom to 5 bunnies that were less than 5 days old after their nest was destroyed by a lawn mower. Originally I was going to take 3 of the bunnies but discovered that they wouldn’t live if they were separated. I put them in the a shoe box with holes in it and drove to my house. We did a lot of research on what you can feed an abandon bunny, the best tip the internet provided was kitten formula because it provides the best high protein nutrients whey protein, milk, oils, eggs, vitamins and minerals. After 5 days of taking care of them I came home from school and one of the bunnies was sadly dead. Devastated but not shocked with the truth it is estimated that only 10% of rabbits only a week old will live if rescued.
It is highly encouraged if the nest they are in is destroyed you can fix it to your best ability. The nest can be moved as far away as 10 inches from its original destination. To rebuild the nest dig 3 inches in the ground and form hay, grass, fur and etc. to build a cozy warm place so that they won’t get cold. The mother is said to only come back for her babies during the night time or when you aren’t around. If you have mowed over the grass that is around the nest this is not otherwise untrue and the mother will not come back. It is HIGHLY encouraged once you find an animal in need to contact your local WildLife Hospital.