Staying Safe at Prom


Josue asking Camryn to Prom through her obsession with diet coke

Nicole Bienvenue

Thomas Worthington is holding their annual Spring Prom event this weekend at the Franklin Park Conservatory in downtown Columbus. The dance starts at 8pm. With this Saturday night being what some seniors would call “The best night before it all ends”, we advise everyone to stay safe before and after the dance. Spring being a big celebration month not only with Prom but also with many graduations taking place, alcohol is often present in these celebrations. Prom is an important night for many High Schoolers and it is one that should be remembered as a fun time, not one that should be a bad memory. Nobody denies the fact that alcohol is a beverage that some High Schoolers choose to consume during the time of such big events.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, April through June are some of the most dangerous months for teens. Approximately one-third of alcohol related traffic fatalities involving teens occur during these months. Vehicle deaths are always the leading cause of death for those 12-19 years of age (Alcohol and Drug Use On Prom Night). Prom night can be particularly dangerous because teens are out until late at night driving to and from the dance and to after parties. Approximately 1,000 people under the age of 21 die each year in accidents on the days/nights of these celebrations (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Of course not all teens make poor choices on the nights of these celebrations but many do. A study done that surveyed teens ages 16-19 found that 31% of teens reported it was likely that they or their friends would be using drugs and alcohol during prom and graduation season. According to AAA 87% of teens also said they would be more likely to drink and drive than to call home for a ride, in fear that they would get in trouble. What’s even more alarming is that 19% of teens have said that they have been in a vehicle with someone who was under the influence.

Don’t let peer pressure or other people making bad choices influence your decisions. Take time to talk to your parents and your friends about your evening plans. If you do know people who plan on drinking during these events make sure you have rides to and from places. Don’t make these events turn into hospital visits for your loved ones. Be safe these next few months Cards!