America=Orwellian Society


Sooo, what’s say you that we touch on a pretty commonly used topic…Donald Trump, now HOLD ON!! Wait just a gorram second, before we continue, lemme just point this out

1.No I don’t support him nor am I against him (all in all, I could really care less about him as of late)

2.Politics as a whole, to me, are like a million throbbing zits that just refuse to go away

Anyway, with all that nonsense out of the way, let’s get to the subject at hand

Recently I discovered an article that actually peaked my interest in Trump’s presidential run, this article is on the subject of Trump’s presidency being similar to a pretty classic, the novel in question being George Orwell’s 1984….

Now, in this article by the New York Times, they say that 1984 is now gaining more relevance in 2017 due to all the current goings on in the U.S.A (Kellyanne Conway’s use of Alternative Facts, Trump being president, and the NSA monitoring our every move(which is a kind of sort of understandable reasoning, but not an absolutely correct and pinpoint one)) and even referencing the fact that some highschooler’s actually believed that we’re living in a mirror reflection of 1984…..OK, first off, WHAT?!?!…alright, I really don’t want to keep talking about that, because if I do, I get the feeling that I’d go on a 400 page long rant on how wrong that is…instead, let’s just get started on saying why that’s wrong, while also going into how that could easily be considered true by the masses.

So why is the assumed similarity of Trump and 1984 wrong?

Well, if Trump’s presidency actually was like 1984, anyone who’d critique him would quote en quote disappear which would mean that a good majority of the U.S would be quietly decimated leaving only those who support Trump and a good majority of 4chan or 8chan users, we’d have to believe everything he says….all in all, if any country in the modern day is comparable to 1984…North Korea fits the bill, since if you take a look at it, and then look at 1984’s country of Oceania, it’s literally almost a mirror image of it

So…is America like 1984…………not at all…not in the slightest way possible