Top 20 Favorite Characters Deadpool…nuff said….just Deadpool

Back at it again with another list, this time going over my favorite characters from every form of media (Video Games, Movies, Books etc.) giving a small and quick description of him/her to simply


Anyways, LET’S GO!!!!


20.Magnus (Kid Icarus Uprising)

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This Man….in a world of mythological monsters, demons,  gods and goddesses, fights alongside an angel, the goddess of light, and the goddess of nature, against Hades and Medusa, with nothing but brute strength and a big frigging sword……………….and need I mention his theme song.

With his sword in hand, this mercenary has rightfully earned his spot on this list

19.Dante (Devil May Cry)

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Ladies and gents, the world’s snarkiest demon hunter, pit him against your average demon mook or a lord of hell, and he’ll bring all of them down like it’s just another day it the office (which is funny because he actually runs a demon hunting office called Devil May Cry), all in all, the son of the demon king Sparda is enough of a character to be on this list.

18.Brook(One Piece)

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I’d like you to meet Brook, undead musician of the Straw Hat pirates, and in a series involving fishmen, and fruit that gives you superpowers..i’m surprised that he’s the most bizarre out of all of them, always ready with a song or his famous laugh, and a BEAST when it comes to combat, Brook easily earns his spot here among these legends.

17. Balalaika (Black Lagoon)

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And the award for “Woman you most absolutely do not want to get on the bad side of” goes to Sofiya Pavlovna, also known as Balalaika…what else to say except for HAIL TO THE TSARINA!!!

16.Strago Magus (Final Fantasy 6)

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A blue mage and a retired monster hunter, Strago Magus is bar none the most bad ass grandpa I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting…also considering that he kind of reminds me of my grandpa in how he’s the dictionary definition of snarky old guy…yeah I don’t even see why I shouldn’t put him on the list.

15.Joseph Joestar (Battle Tendency

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Now, when it comes to Jojo’s, I had two other options, Joseph’s boring goody goody predecessor Jonathan, or the angsty Jotaro…and weighing those two options, in my opinion, Joseph is a much better character than the other two. With his ability to predict what you can say or do before you say or do it, alongside his ability to improvise his way through any problem that comes across his path, all while being a lovable jerk throughout…ladies and germs, Mr. Joseph Joestar.


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A crazed alcoholic Irish vampire?



13. Eskarina Smith (Discworld)

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You wanna know how cool she is


1.She was born in a town called Bad Ass

2.She was trained by the equally cool Granny Weatherwax

3.She spent some time in the Dungeon Dimension, kicking the crap out of creatures most would see as WAY more powerful than her

4.She’s the first female member of the Unseen University





12.Strix (Dice Camera Action)

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Played by the hilarious Holly Conrad, Strix is the wizard of the Waffle Crew (i’m dead serious, that’s what the crew in Dice Camera Action call themselves, just go with it) alongside her comrades Diath, Evelyn, and Paultin, this trash witch slays and quips her way through literally everything so I see how she’s able to get this far up.

11.Sheogorath (Elder Scrolls Series)

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All I really need to say is this

Picture if the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland became a god, and then became a ruler of his own equally mad dimension………nuff said.

10. Benjamin “Hawkeye” Pierce (M*A*S*H)

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I’m beginning to sense a theme for this list, I seem to love either characters who have some sense of insanity about them, or I seem to love characters who snark their way through hard situations…………I may as well say that my dude Hawkeye has BOTH, considering that he performs constant surgery with your rare, every now and again SHELLING (bombing)during the Korean War  while basically turning the 4077th into basically a circus fused with a madhouse, also, it goes without saying that Alan Alda kills it with every episode of the show, be it drama, comedy, or both at the same time.

9. Tiberius Stormwind(Critical Role)

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Yet another D&D tv show character, played GLORIOUSLY by Orion Acaba, Tiberius Stormwind (from Draconia) is the Dragonborn wizard of Vox Machina…..being bar none one of the most bumbling/intelligent wizards of the group, Tiberius……..welcome to the list you magnificent curmudgeon


8. Hellboy and Saitama(Hellboy and One Punch Man)

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First off, yes, I know it’s cheap to put two characters in a spot on any list…just hear me out for a few minutes

Both characters are super powerful beings who fight villains miles out of their league with absolute nonchalance since they know that they can probably by probably poking them with their pinkie fingers , the only difference being that Hellboy’s more of a deadpan snarker, whereas Saitama is more of a daft snarker

7.  Beerus(Dragon Ball Z)

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This character is an EXCELLENT subversion of expectations, because when talking about Dragon Ball villains, mostly all of them have every intent to destroy Earth in their own sort of way…..but not Beerus, the only reason he’d destroy the Earth is

1.If someone were to tick him off

Or 2.If the food someone would make is (to him) terrible

And i’m beyond certain that no one would want both because…well….Beerus is the god of, he’s obviously not someone to be trifled with.

6. Yoshimitsu (Soul Calibur)

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Think of Yoshimitsu like this….eccentric samurai Robin Hood



5. Aech (Ready Player One)

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My favorite character from Ready Player One and Number 3 of the High 5…………all I can say without spoiling anything is that if you’re ever in need of a mercenary in the Oasis that can get the job done lickety-split, Aech is your man.

4. Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate)

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AND THE AWARD FOR “Vampire you NEVER, EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, want to mess with” goes to The Hellsing Organization’s trump card Count Dracula himself, for being the most blood hungry character on this list, and…for being surprisingly cool, aaaaand considering that Crispin Freeman provides his voice……WIN…so much WIN.

3. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

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Y’know something, some people Vash and Alucard are kind of the same..

Design wise, yeah, they both wear red duster coats,yellow glasses and wield two pistols……..aaaaaaaaaaaand THAT’S WHERE THE SIMILARITIES END

Though Vash does wield two guns, he’s a pacifist (but he will use them to incapacitate foes) whereas Alucard is just a full blooded SADIST with his two pistols Casull and Jackal


Related image

And while Alucard has his….quirks..Vash is just a full on goofball, who can be serious when he needs to be

So, yeah, the only similarities between the two begin and end with design



2.Radical Edward(Cowboy Bebop)


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Meet the techie of the Bebop crew, the incredibly androgynous enigma herself, or is it himself….aaaaahhhh it doesn’t matter, Ed is Ed, Ed is a nutcase, and Ed knows it, which just makes her all the more awesome


1. Deadpool and Hades (From…well…Deadpool, and Kid Icarus Uprising)

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Now…yet again picking two characters is a definite cop out..but like Hellboy and Saitama, these two have something in common that I just loooooooove..

Both Deadpool and Hades, although on different sides of the whole alignment spectrum, are both professional demolishers of the fourth wall, and each have their own style of demolishing said walls, with Deadpool taking the more metaphorical (and literal) explosive style, and Hades taking the more subtle and internet troll-ish fashion, nonetheless, these two magnificent bastards are my two favorite characters due to their flamboyant, if not cartoonish, mannerisms, alongside the two kind of relating to my sort of personality, with Deadpool representing my more extroverted side (loud, cartoonish, and kind of obnoxious) and Hades representing my more introverted side (flamboyant, snobby, arrogant, and slightly cynical) actually though, come to think of it, all these characters on the list have some sort of connection with me, since basically all of them know who and what they are, and they wouldn’t have it any other way at all..which is pretty much how I honestly want to live my life (and honestly how I think that anyone should live)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND That’s the list, hope ya like it, and (if you have any) what are your favorite characters across media and why?